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  1. Yeah and each time a character says either Hallie or Annie you push down on me burying me deeper and deeper.

  2. If TV has taught me anything you’re not yellow enough to live in Springfield.

  3. Still have a feeling that the Harrison Ford rumour will come to fruition and that we'll see him handing over Ben to Luke as Grogu leaves with Mando for S3 possibly a post credits scene or right at the end.

  4. Cobb vanth is taken to thundercat to receive a bionic shoulder to increase his draw speed

  5. Red has always been associated with passion, I think we have to thank Monroe for that.

  6. No way the little dude is going to stay with the Jedi, his repression of his powers and the flashback scene before Mando flew off only cement that he fears what happened during order 66. He feels safe with Mando and knows that Din would do anything for him. Mando S3 ‘The Dadalorian’

  7. We absolutely need to make some content together. You’d look amazing tied in ropes.

  8. I think Grogu picking is the end credits scene, previewing season 3.

  9. Yeah I thought that or perhaps an Ahsoka Sabine style BOBF teaser.

  10. Thanks. I was seeing how many wraps I could get round and messing.

  11. Still haven’t had the chance to do feet yet but it’s certainly on my list.

  12. For just making it up it’s really good. I’ve only been experimenting with rope for a few months but two places were recommended to me by others so I’ll do the same.

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