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  1. Definitely that I can't put the icons where I want. Like, why tf not?!? There's no reason for it. Even if you need to force a grid, at least start it at the bottom of the screen, not the top left ffs. Ideally I'd like to move the icons out the way of my wallpaper. But that doesn't seem like it's ever gonna be a thing.

  2. Monzo is fine for sending money to Kraken

  3. Loving mine. Definitely have complaints. Especially when switching from iOS to android. But I am loving it. I was just thinking this last night as I starred at the lights on the ring. Grateful I was able to get one.

  4. Pretty annoying. I'd have much preferred this design but I'm not about to drop another £350 on a new one.

  5. Uuhhh, my butter is always cold. Is your fridge broken?

  6. butter doesn't need to go in the fridge, do you also store your olive oil in the fridge?

  7. With an extra 10 mins (20%) screen time. Also, scrolling, playing videos or GIFs and the type of content you scroll past all affect battery life. So I wouldn't chalk it down to that one feature tbh.

  8. There's a spire game on apple arcade that's 120hz. Portrait mode, I'm not sure what else tbh.

  9. They're paying bare minimum, so they're getting bare minimum in return. If they want more, pay more. Simple as.

  10. Advances are often unwanted and inappropriate. If you think all approaches are equal, you're doing the wrong ones

  11. Unwanted by you perhaps. But you do not speak for all. You're not an elected representative. And nice that you assumed shit about me. I'm not making any moves lol so stink on you lol

  12. You're mixing up advances and harrasment. They're not the same thing 🤦

  13. Most people don't consider their phones for games. I'm in the minority where I am

  14. I was wondering if both of these statements are true. If so, what is the nuance between them? Basically revolves around the use of は

  15. The crease doesn't get worse over time. No matter how you store it.

  16. I dunno about 12L but I updated to OUI 4.1.1 and haven't had those issues. Annoyingly, goodlock has completely ceased to function and now my phone says it's not available in my country so my navigation buttons are stuck.

  17. I noticed this as well. I plugged my fold 3 into the charger, was "super fast" charging, then after the one ui 4.1.1 update, it now only shows "charging"

  18. UK: the only way to get an esim is with a contract on one of 2 carriers. So if you have bad credit or no credit, no esim for you. Total cancer.

  19. I can think of at least 5 UK carriers who do eSIM. EE, Vodafone, O2, Three, and Lebara

  20. Three do not offer esim on iPhone. Lebara are also not their own network. They utilise other networks.

  21. Other comment was pretty accurate. Banks require proof of employment or 6 months in Japan. But it's very branch dependant. Japan post is a common bank. Yeah it's the post office but a decent bank. If you're gonna be a student, it may be prudent to get a part time gig somewhere cuz unless you're minted, you're gonna need extra money. In which case, certificate of employment is what you want to open that account.

  22. As for working as a student. I thought a student visa did not allow one to work in Japan? I had come to terms with riding or the student visa without a job until I could get a different visa, but if you're telling me I can still work then I'm gonna get going on that

  23. You can but you need a work permit from your local immigration office. As the visa on its own doesn't allow for work. But only up to 28 hours a week.

  24. Not my problem. And not yours either. Why concern yourself with someone else's life? How do you know he's not into it? They could very well be swingers and what not.

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