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  1. Healthcare and housing together are like 90% of the problem. Reduce healthcare and housing costs and Americans would be significantly better off.

  2. One of these is directly under a Wall Street junta right now cause they couldn't pay back their debt.

  3. It’s a feature for maximizing profit by protecting the contents of trailer.

  4. I agree that capitalism can make it more challenging to have a successful democracy in several ways, but they can be cooperative if the challenges are properly addressed. The Nordic countries are a great example of maintaining strongly democratic and strongly capitalistic systems. Sweden has the 12th highest GDP and the strongest political & educational equality in the world.

  5. Nordic countries still have the fundamental power imbalance in their society. Capitalist's property allows them to control the state and exploits workers lack of property. Have you read any news from said countries? The pro capitalist rhetoric is plain to see.

  6. I think you haven’t done a good job of illustrating how their workers are exploited. They have an extremely high standard of living. Over 60% of their public sector spending goes to social welfare. Much of its industrial services are within state ownership, including its largest mining company. Over 60% of blue-collar workers are members of Swedish Trade Union Confederation, for a total of 1.5 million.

  7. Unemployment, recession, and the fact that they could not have their lifestyles without imperialism and benefiting from imperialism

  8. It's about the underlying racism towards Africans.

  9. It certainly shouldn't be the bar but in the UK politicians and public figures have to hide being left wing. The only time this wasn't the case was 2019 when the vultures were circling Corbyn, and even then it was obvious who was lying.

  10. Nobody could ever call Mick Lynch a liberal. Call him a socdem in the historical sense, sure, but in no way could anyone justify calling him a lib.

  11. US real quiet right about now. Lets see how merica turns this into a weapon for propagandistic purposes even though they do worse.

  12. Capitalism do what capitalism does: born for corruption, fixing and greed

  13. Imagine knowing producers make billions of tons of plastic solely because it's cheap and then saying people should do something about it.

  14. Of course. They want you to go through the chain of command, where your requests can be properly ignored.

  15. this hurts my brain how can people watch 3 things at the same time

  16. The police are classist too. I bet they were all worked up because it was a trailer, fucking scumbags.

  17. Here's a fun way to tell if you live in a dictatorial regime:

  18. Spite towards individual opposition is the only definition of a dictatorial regime?

  19. So I work on veins for a living. The solution in the syringe is most likely a chemical called polydocanol and it’s is closing the spider vein and thus no more blood is filling which is why it changes color from red to white. This is a temporary solution, they usually come back in other areas.

  20. Isn't it dangerous that shes pumping air into the vein?

  21. All alternate dimensions can now interact, you've unleashed infinite psychedelic realms of bliss and hell and everything in between

  22. Is it true that Zelensky has made dome pretty bad economic decisions that affect workers but allow corporations to survive?

  23. A republican senator and a democratic senator are deciding policies to implement on the majority of americans. Do you...

  24. Windows users only have to be babysat and walked through everything if they have no clue what they're doing.

  25. This, working IT in University and the desktops for one department were Mac and most of the calls were for showing people how to use them.

  26. Wouldn't surprise me if they were trying to slowly lock us into an Android-like model to limit functionality and so anything additional is a feature that'll be an online app or some paid add on.

  27. Go watch BBC coverage on the day. They were there. You'll see what actually happened. It's not exactly what western media says.

  28. It's exactly what western media says. The fact that China censors any and all coverage or explanation should be plenty of proof of what happened on this day anyway.

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