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  1. It looks like it was struck from the top down. Can the javelin do that?

  2. yea but typically they are used in direct attack mode for aircraft

  3. The Rifle is 18" chambered in .223 wylde, hoping not to spend over $750 on glass. Ill most likely be running basic 55 grain up to 77 grain when going for MOA or reaching far!

  4. I’ve only played this game for 2 weeks and I’ve seen more bug fixes for this game in that amount of time than I have seen for Apex Legends since it’s release, so yeah the do make the effort than a lot more AAA titles do

  5. Two items fixed that worked three weeks ago, most AAA games have customizable controls and settings that save. You’re going to learn hard that TB cuts corners like no other, just give it time

  6. I've been playing on the xbox app, confusing wording sorry. I would run EGS but the stutters...

  7. I might be PC, I still hope console get the remapping. Having more player to the game is nice and they need to retain those players for the sake of the game.

  8. Its a vicious cycle, I was warned by Chiv 1 vets about torn banner after my migration from Mordhau during the Chiv 2 alpha but I was like all these new game pass players then, new, ignorant, and uninitiated to TB.

  9. And added unplayable stuttering and server lag.

  10. you could get gamepass for 1$ to play stutter free, aint that some bullshit

  11. Hmm wonder if it transfers my lvl and such.. I already have gamepass hell I'd play it again if it really is stutter free. So that will make 3 copies I have, EGS, Steam and gamepass lmao.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. it doesn't, plus you're on the xbox version so no chat or server info under tab. Its substandard but its not suffering pauses.

  13. Its a bug, TB doesn't really care about fixing bugs, they just put out more broken content. Each patch has more bugs than it fixes, its just the way they operate.

  14. now imagine how the people who bought day 1 on epic(aka year long beta testers) feel

  15. I'd rather they don't allow mods, personally, as I feel it would simply separate the already small player base even more.

  16. one mod that fixes a lot of the bugs would bring a huge amount of people back

  17. There is no guarantee that it would bring anyone back, and many people would probably still prefer without mods since they could also change up stuff they don't agree with. And you'd have different mods, which would be incompatible with other, and all that stuff, and players would probably be spread around on different modded versions. Plus, I'm quite confident it would make cheating far easier.

  18. Maybe, the mines of moria mod for Mordhau is pretty awesome, Chiv has a ton of potential its just locked behind incompetent devs. At this point with the dwindling player base as is its better to try something besides what we already know isn't working. TB is probably going to abandon this game anyway so why not let modders get into it

  19. I disagree, while it would initially breathe life into the game we will shortly find ourselves back to square one in terms of playercount.

  20. eh I'd bet bugs and server performance drives more people away

  21. Same, Ive spent more on indi side scrollers in the past week than I have since I made my account

  22. I feel the reason they're holding these crucial updates to come along with the big content ones is to ensure that the solution is going to work even with the new content present. I'm sure people would get far more pissed if the fixes happened and then the content drop just ruined it all again

  23. If the game would work properly anytime they released new content you would be right, but so far every update since launch has added more bugs than they fix. To me it seems like the upper management wanted too much from too little of a company and waited too long to reinvest in the company. They built a great game but fucked up when they made it for every console and Steam/Epic so now it takes them forever to update it. Yea they've hired new staff but the game hasn't seen an improvement since then, in the mean time the player base is just rotting from the infection of bugs.

  24. You must be Jens alt account with the amount of dick sucking you do for tb

  25. It doesn't come out until November but 40k Darktide looks awesome. It's by the same developers as Vermintide and is like a mashup of L4D and Warhammer, only in the 40k universe this time.

  26. I'm pretty stoked for darktide, definitely needed some 40k in my life

  27. Jesus fuck can we go back to kicking archers into ravines and arguing about weapons? You people are insufferable.

  28. It’s almost as though a large portion of the player base is fed up with a broken game

  29. Also they sold more than expected. Did they hire new devs to help with the bugs or to create more content to sell and prop the game up? No.

  30. i dont remember dying 4000 times but i do remember each of those sweet sweet commendations

  31. pretty sure the stat page isn't accurate, at least mine has never been.

  32. Because it has always happened since before launch, and they have claimed to have fixed it twice before.

  33. Yea, plus you used to get banned for pointing it out since the alpha cause it was "repetitive feedback" Gee I wonder fucking why

  34. For additional transparency, none of the TBS developers delete messages from the Discord. In terms of moderation, the moderators in our Discord do not generally remove negative feedback, but do remove posts for a few reasons. Feedback (or any message) may be removed if it's in the wrong place (you don't get any type of punishment for this) or your feedback violates any of the rules of the Discord. In the case of the screenshotted message, the user received

  35. Hey thanks for digging in, I mute all direct messages on discord so I never saw the warnings and that's on me. You might want to revisit your policies, maybe reset the warnings after a patch drops so we can give feedback on the same areas of the new build. That being said, a lot of my feedback has been similar, adding binds and reducing fire effects in 3rd person but this last one wasn't at all. It's fine though, I'm done leaving feedback, its a waste of time for everyone.

  36. Seems like you were being a jerk which is why you got banned.

  37. It says why right there in the image and I literally posted the message that got me banned lol

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