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2023 5* QB Arch Manning commits to Texas

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  1. The SEC and B1G will likely be the super-conferences that break off and form a collegiate-NFL. They'll pick and choose the best leftovers to take with them, meaning everyone else in the ACC, Big 12, and PAC12 are fighting for their lives, hoping to be included.

  2. Each day I'm a little more thankful we were a founding member of the SEC some 90 years ago.

  3. Nope. Geography doesn't matter. Tradition doesn't matter. History doesn't matter. Logic doesn't matter. The only thing that matters now is money.

  4. Missouri was in the tournament in 2012? How did they do?

  5. I could say losing to Vandy 40-0 in 2012 or Southern Miss after being up by like 30 in 2016 but those teams weren't that good.

  6. I've heard that before. Wild fact considering that semi-recent banner hanging in your rafters. I don't have the data handy, but I'm sure Gonzaga has the most weeks at #1 without a title, not even sure who would be #2 maybe Illinois or Houston?

  7. It is indeed Gonzaga. They are 8th all-time in weeks at #1 at 42, but have no title.

  8. That largely comes from their run in the early 60s. They had 2 seasons that they went wire-to-wire at #1.

  9. Yes, to Devin Eubanks and West Virginia.

  10. And to add injury to insult the team that beats us loses to Duke the next game.

  11. Looks like that series was a yearly game played at the Texas State Fair. From the Texas State Fair wiki page:

  12. I can band together with a Duke fan on something here. De'Aaron Fox and Bam Adebayo were inconsolable and in tears after their UNC tournament loss EDIT: got UCLA and UNC mixed up

  13. 2010 locker room with Wall and Cousins was also an inconsolable mess.

  14. It’s rare but it’s happened, we’ve played at WVU, at TTU, and a home game against Texas was scheduled but got canceled the covid year

  15. Heck yeah I do! What kind of question is that?

  16. Seriously, either that comment was too sarcastic for the internet or they're unaware how good Arkansas has been under Muss.

  17. Darn, I was so wrapped up in Georgetown I totally forgot Oregon State was even worse

  18. Turns out miracle conference tourney runs aren't signs of future success

  19. A 5’9 guard whose best season shot a whelming 41% from the field and is an average 3pt shooter for his career. If he was playing for anyone except Bennett the guy would’ve transferred down a level by now.

  20. Auburn vs Missouri, Miami Ohio vs Ohio, BGSU vs Marshall and UK vs Mississippi state is what my schedule is looking like

  21. Mississippi State should be a fun one! Home team has won the last few years, and if you're into it, Keeneland will be running.

  22. Imagine telling someone when Miami joined the ACC it would take them 13 years to win a division title.

  23. Lately it’s “Oscar Tshiebwe is so good” or from the slack jawed yokels of our fan base you hear “Fire Cal”. The all time classic repeated on this subreddit has got to be “I just hate Kentucky”.

  24. True(and you lost lmao), but I’m primarily a hater and wont let petty concepts like being fair or truthful get in my way.

  25. I thought it was already going to be neutral, since we just did a home-and-home. Like a 3 game, each location type deal?

  26. They built a new stadium in 2018 and opened it in 2019. No idea what’s around it though.

  27. It's on Alumni, near a bunch of other sports facilities. Football practice center, soccer stadium, softball stadium.

  28. They've never beaten us in my memory, but they feel like they belong in the SEC (unlike Missouri) and aren't an embarrassment like Vanderbilt (on the field) or Tennessee (on and off the field).

  29. We also both dislike Tennessee, mutual hatred is great for bonding

  30. With the way basketball is trending, we're learning to dislike Auburn too. We're gonna be best friends!

  31. I won’t stand for any schedule that doesn’t let us play vandy 3 times, and 2 Kentucky and Missouri matchups annually. We’ll alternate playing Arkansas and MSU depending who is looking to have their shit together the least preseason

  32. I'm a dunce and just realized that Obi and Jacob are brothers.

  33. Not sure if /s, or you just didn't watch any of our games. Announcers made it a point to mention this every game.

  34. I envy any US timezone outside of EST. Makes it hard to watch PAC and Gonzaga games.

  35. Good grief I hope that doesn’t happen again this year.

  36. As a Kings fan living in the Sac area I hope so too, he could help us

  37. The title text editor capitalizes every first letter but when posted, they're lowercase? Not cool.

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