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  1. What is the crowd been chanting? Can’t make it out on tv

  2. Gorge 2002. Always and forever. No transition to Satellite. Beautiful LeRoi. Plus the Gorge needs to be represented.

  3. Love Roi’s Flinstones lick he does in the solo

  4. Has a healthy rivalry developed between the cities since Houston transfered to the AL?

  5. Big Eyed Fish/Live at Folsom Field

  6. On the Hormoaning EP/disc 2 of With the Lights Out boxset there is an alternate recording of it

  7. We’re up 90-82 end of 3rd quarter!

  8. Hold breath and swallow. But if peanut butter is available, a few spoonfuls of that really helps

  9. Do you get more money from the quests the higher level you are???

  10. Yes, at 70 the XP from turning in completed quests is converted into gold

  11. I trained Master Skinning and I’m not getting regular skill up’s from skinning orange mobs. I thought for professions, orange is pretty much a guaranteed skill up?

  12. Skinning is not guaranteed even for orange just because of how many fluffy potential points are walking around relative to plants and ore

  13. Maybe today, if we are blessed with the update, we will be given the card we've all been looking for

  14. Hell I’ll take an amethyst PJ at this point lol

  15. PD Sims Brandon Ingram is one of my fav cards to play with still

  16. I already evo’d his ruby...please give the got dang GO

  17. I wish he had a card higher than gold

  18. I got them both lol, Horry from the Fisher code and Fisher from the Horry code

  19. No, weekly challenges are always available

  20. Beat the 02 Lakers 81-10...score was 41-0 at halftime lol

  21. Decided to get McHale first from the finals sims, and I'm loving him so far. PF was my weakest spot and I'm really impressed with his defense she rebounding, and surprised by his scoring!

  22. Going in order of decades, but same! Finally replaced my spotlight Giannis after 400 games with him haha

  23. I only play offline and am a big Rockets fan so may be a biased opinion, but he’s real fun to play with. Monster in the post and getting rebounds, jump shot is smooth

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