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  1. I'm even more perplexed by the fact that there were multiple berklee alumni on it, and absolutely no one realized it was dogshit?

  2. Tim Hagans animation/imagination. It's not all electronic, but there are a good number of tracks w synthesizers and drum machines as main features.

  3. Western is great. It's on their first album. I'd say it's one of their more accessible songs that stays true to their character as a band. It's definitely a great place to start imo.

  4. Nice, not here in the u.s. it would be upwards of $5 plus a tip.

  5. In what year? Where I live in the US, it's more like $10 plus tip.

  6. Found that out the hard way. Put most your energy into a side gig and bare minimum into the 9-5.

  7. Put your energy into forming a union and bare minimum the 9-5.*

  8. Don't omit the high A. That is the melody note. Drop the C. It is very common for guitar players to play rootless voicings if the 9 or 13 are in play, especially in a jazz setting.

  9. Agree... but it is an option one can choose based on the tune. Serve the music.

  10. True, but wouldn't highlighting the melody be serving the music?

  11. My pa always told me to stop fooling around with my cousin. Said it created insects. And I read all I could about insects but it didn't say nothing about staying away from my dear Sally Mae.

  12. Pa should've given you a bass. You'd still be homeless, but at least there would be fewer bugs.

  13. Yes, the signature should be above the strings. That way everyone will know you have a bob chumpman peepee poopoo paul. The hole is the toan hole if you plug that with lemon oil and sawdust you will become a bass player.

  14. I don’t know of any arrangements specifically for a two horn combo. Usually when I see groups that small they just play the head and then improvise.

  15. I'd do this. Maybe discuss some harmonies with the trumpet player, but otherwise just play the head and improvise.

  16. Don't forget jenkem! But yeah exactly, it's a pretty broad spectrum, and even though shrooms and acid can't physically harm you they can really fuck you up. Used acid and DXM regularly as a teen during an already dark time in my life and it led to psychosis.

  17. Your major and minor scales are a great jumping off point. Now try learning your 7th chord arpeggios. A lot of jazz improvisation is based around those.

  18. Thanks for the link! My other JM doesn’t have a buzzstop and I do like both. Nash also uses a roller bridge that minimizes some of the issues that buzzstops usually have (strings hitting the back of the bridge), but I totally get the charm of the behind-the-bridge sound. This model also comes with 250K pots stock, so it’s not the most traditional sounding JM to begin with.

  19. It has the 1meg pots wired in the lead circuit. Only when the rhythm circuit is turned on will the 250k pots be engaged.

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