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  1. I think when the subject is the Oklahoma state fair, "pitcher" is auctually correct.

  2. Man I wanted that one the most but unless you’re in Europe it’s so hard to bite the bullet on that shipping from Germany.

  3. I'm in Oklahoma. Mine was $40.96 all in. Seems reasonable to me.

  4. "Personally, I celebrate the man's entire catalog."

  5. No, it didn’t. Previous fence was the “good neighbor” fence, and he also went from vertical pickets to horizontal.

  6. Kashoggi's murder was swept under the rug...for this?

  7. Tycho used to be the go-to NPR interstitial music. It was Khruangbin for a while there, now it's all mixed.

  8. Search critical root zone and there are guidelines to no cut/fill 1/4 crz, 4”, then preserve 1/2 total crz Area.

  9. If the trees are far enough away from the construction, they will be find. But anything 10 -14ft around construction will be disturbed.

  10. So what if it were a 50' tall, 14" thick oak in Oklahoma's clay soil?

  11. Because a 3rd party activist group can't? They can file an ethics complaint, but it's up to the DA or victim to bring charges.

  12. Yes, I'm aware. Was not implying that THEY file the charges.

  13. 007 doing the most conspicuous shit ever.

  14. Would love a movie where James Bond is just a walking diversion while other agents do the real work.

  15. Been woken up by sirens at 5am for like 4 days straight until today. 2nd & Coltrane area.

  16. I have an Insignia QLED that was branded by Amazon or whatever, it was by far the cheapest one I've bought for the size (almost a year ago now) at $580 for 65 inches. While it is better than a normal TV, it really doesn't WOW like you'd expect from a QLED in comparison to a normal LED tv. My other QLED outperforms it by a long shot (but was also significantly more expensive). Just because it's "QLED" doesn't mean it's all that amazing... that's all I can say; maybe these will be great, but I'd wait and see reviews first.

  17. Like all those cameras that boast a million megapixels but have shit sensors.

  18. If it's simple hardcoding DNS like my Chromecast Ultra seems to do, you can simply forward all outgoing port 53 traffic on and to your local DNS and it'll then be forced to use that. (E: replace those IPs with whatever ones the device in question uses)

  19. As a 40-something who saw the internet be born and become what it is, I'm absolutely revolted by the need for this shit.

  20. My dood, let me hit you with my Khruangbin mellow vibes list.

  21. TUSUY, and may it smile on the betrothed as well.

  22. No bathtub in our home! But yeah, I grabbed a tape measure and put it next to body and have looked at the chaise chairs and their dimensions. Gonna go 7” or 8”

  23. Stand in a storage tub and fill it up until you hit the mark you want. Mind the displacement.

  24. deleting social media. only recently got Reddit and I find it very different than instagram, twitter, TikTok etc in that I see what I want to and I don’t feel the need to go on it 10+ times a day

  25. Just wait until self-driving cars hit full-market saturation. You wont' own a car, you'll own a subscription that gets you X hours of driving. Cheaper packages for carpooling. Owning a car (that doesn't Uber itself around while you work) will be a luxury.

  26. Took out my neighbor's main breaker, apparently.

  27. NTA. Just tell him you have childhood trauma from pitbulls and you're not letting any on your property. There's also a liability issue if Princess rips another friend's kid's throat out. Bet your ass you'd be included in the lawsuit.

  28. YTA. You're not legally wrong, but you're still an asshole.

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