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  1. They hardly even teach French in most places, and even if you study it; you have zero people to talk to. Which is the main reason it's not well known. It's not considered a useful skill the further you go from Quebec in many cases. Except federal government jobs of course.

  2. Also jobs in communications, especially for larger corporations that have clients/offices in QC and NB. Really big companies will have translation teams or outsource it, but even they still prefer to have people who are bilingual if possible.

  3. Did you also have the tapes (and later the CDs) with the songs and tests on them? Like I remember the songs about the ants that had people singing in opera....

  4. 20+ years later, I still remember Super Stylo.

  5. My first donation, a blood drive bus came to my office. I felt very tired walking home that day, as though I'd done some heavy exercise and had no energy left (at the time I walked to/from work). All subsequent donations I made sure to eat sufficiently and drink plenty of water. I've also since begun taking iron supplements. Never again felt tired after a donation.

  6. I understand you are frustrated (I experience it too, been checking for appts for days), but we should also be fair to pharmacies. Pharmacists have full time jobs dispensing medications. Providing covid shots is something they (as a profession/professional college) did to help distribute the load that provincial and city vaccination sites were under, and to make the vaccines more accessible by having more locations.

  7. In my experience, this is the fundamental divide betweenb the way left and right leaning people interact with the world: empathy.

  8. The art of war is also written in such a way that most of the information therein has more meaning when considered more deeply as well. "The art of war is the art of deception" doesn't just mean consider lying to your opponent, but also that your opponent may be lying to you.

  9. WW2 saw the construction of fake bases and equipment. It was a combination of the principles of deception and numbers.

  10. No I haven’t deposited anything and she won’t allow me to view the lease or sign until after depositing

  11. There's a scam that's been happening that goes like this. Scammer rents an AirBNB for a week or so. Scammer pretends to be the owner and shows it as a rental unit during that week. Scammer insists on upfront payment, and then evaporates.

  12. As a bilingual English and Cantonese speaker in North America, I'd recommend a new learner learn Mandarin instead. Mandarin is a global business language, and there are a lot more people who speak Mandarin than Cantonese.

  13. why are we doing this via privately owned pharmacies instead of at community centers? does shoppers/rexall get paid for this?

  14. When the government says it's okay for religious gatherings to be held outdoors with no limit, but everyone else can't gather outdoors in groups greater than five, what do they really expect people to do?

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