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  1. That one specifically hits close to home for Brennan too. His life was turned around when a manager gave him the money he needed for his surgery.

  2. The ones on easy that say "your design here" are custom ones

  3. That's fair, let me clarify. Can anyone vouch for any that are decent? One of those isn't a full skin and the other has reviews saying it's too big. I was more asking for a recommendation than a search keyword.

  4. This sounds like a fantastic campaign, even if I don't win, I will probably still buy it.

  5. Stupid question from a non-American, but aren't most handguns... kinda pricey?

  6. Depends on the pistol, a colt 1911 look alike in .45 can go for a grand, a hi point can be a couple hundred. As for leaving it in the door, his state may not allow open carry. Most states in the US view your vehicle as an extension of your home and private property, allowing you to carry a firearm in it. They may leave it in there as the state may not support open carry and they may not have a CHL.

  7. These are wonderful, I don't see very much art posted here done in stained glass, it's nice to see some well done.

  8. Anyone else remember the good old days when maybe you gave an ass beating or maybe you got one but everyone went home at the end of the day? Now every chickenshit has been convinced by Hollywood that a gun makes them anything more than a dangerous chickenshit. Back then every shooting was a big deal, now a bunch of kids being murdered at school is the new norm. We've been played.

  9. "good ol' days where people got the shit beat out of them" yeah sometimes beat to death.

  10. Name a single time someone stormed a school and beat a bunch to schoolkids to death.


  12. Yeah sorry, your conclusion to what I meant is correct, that is indeed what happened. We ended up houseruling both of your answers as the conclusion a bit back, but it does help to have an impartial person present their take. Thank you

  13. Just wait. I am to 90% sure this will spread. The only ones who never has war on their soil are Americans. But they are always involved in wars.

  14. Ah yes, the US never had ANY wars on it's soil. Civil war, Mexican-American war, seminole wars, revolutionary war, war of 1812, tgg invasion of US territories in ww2, spanish american war, indian wars, none of those happened.

  15. What the hell is this guy (assuming) going to do if he ever gets pulled over by the cops? You can't hide that!!!

  16. Because depending on where you are storing a firearm like that would be illegal.

  17. right, it's in Texas, where it's legal. Which the guy who has a shotgun out and visible like that knows. Otherwise they generally wouldn't have it out like that. Also, the open carry of firearms in vehicles is legal in most US states as long as they are unloaded.

  18. Also less turbulent. I believe they use these both in applications where they need to infuse an IV at a specific rate and for when blood needs to be pumped externally from the body to keep from having an impeller shred blood cells.

  19. There's also a smaller version for J tubes to help with feeding.

  20. Exactly! They survived the shelling and were captured. They didn’t surrender.

  21. Ah, apologies, i thought you were saying that I had said they had surrendered. Re read your post, exactly that. Again, my apologies

  22. That's pretty cool! Did you buy that or model it yourself?

  23. They make alien and expensive ingame ships more expensive IRL because they want them to be rarer.

  24. No, that's why they have limited sales on ships, like the idris.

  25. It's based on the yearly Cycle that is measured by the earth's rotation, it's based on science

  26. Its based on Caeser's revision calendar. Each Year had a different amount of days before that.

  27. Gun aint that cursed and the feet are pretty obviously photoshopped on.

  28. I think vlogging through history should be included.

  29. Mortarion can't go in a battalion detachment. He's a DAEMON PRIMARCH/SUPREME COMMANDER type unit, so he can only go in a supreme command detachment.

  30. Understood, thanks for setting me straight

  31. He is a supreme commander and so can only be found in supreme commander detachment

  32. understood, thank you for correcting me

  33. The Sword to Sword guys impressed me with being game and actually developing their athleticism when I sparred them recently

  34. I sent them an email a little bit again asking about their times, they're website is a bit outdated. Do you have any further info on them?

  35. I think we're currently revamping the website but there should be a Facebook business page or something for Sword to Sword. We have Mondays and Wednesdays at (I think) 7:45, however parking is horrible because the lot is small and the sport fencing class is just getting out. Those days focus on longsword but will occasionally bring in some other things like Messer. The structure is a pretty standard warm up, drill, fence kind of session. Fridays are at 8 and are very free form. Saturdays are at 5, the first hour is fencing principles and the second hour is dagger. We occasionally mix up our Saturday classes and do different things. I don't know if we're still doing Tuesdays at the woodlands location. Thursdays are at a park but we're dealing with permits and lighting right now so it's a bit up in the air.

  36. That is extremely help, thank you. I've signed up for the intro to german longsword.

  37. The Nebekanezzer. At least aesthetically. Could be a cool drake Webber/EWAR ship.

  38. Why id it in poor taste? He's showing it as a small cargo transport, which hunters regularly use to move game, such as ATVs. There's even a hunter silhouette behind it.

  39. No? I have homemade pottery. You need a wheel and a kiln to make it, they are expensive, and most houses don't have them.

  40. I think they are confusing DIY with homemade. Homemade means personally made at home/outside a factory. Doesn't mean can and must be able to be made at every person's house. Do it yourself is a homemade product that any person can reasonably be expected to "do it themselves", this including being able to aquire the tools. Instructables articles are mostly DIY. The one pound mortar i milled is homemade.

  41. The Land's Raider retcon was a thing. Something like Zebediah Land, I can't remember.

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