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  1. Looking forward to our annual reality check 50-point spanking at the hands of Saracens.

  2. I’ve just been reminded of the last time we played you after Toulon knocked us out of Europe and came out in a cold sweat.

  3. You guys have looked very good recently and we’re far from perfect this year. I’m really interested to see Iyogun in person, he looks like a massive talent.

  4. Very strong squad. Interested to see how we move on from last week's defeat

  5. Yep, important that we bounce back. If we confirm the home semi final then we can rest a few for the final round. If not, then we need to win away at Gloucester and try to create some momentum going into the semis.

  6. We likely could have 2 Sarries v Quins semi finals this year, not good for the blood pressure. Very interesting match up with Quins winning at StoneX but Sarries winning at the Stoop.

  7. I believe "Street-fighter" is the correct term for Mr. Harrison as coined by one Edward Jones.

  8. Those are the guys whose wages are really going to be squeezed in the coming seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more go over to France/Japan to earn a bit more.

  9. Signed with Provence, not a bad area of the world to move to! Best of luck to him, I always felt for him after being hauled off against Australia but he was immense in some fairly average Saints teams. I’m slightly surprised no other clubs have picked him up.

  10. Nice! I wish we had a few more away kits in the old white, black and red stripes, they look great.

  11. Him or Itoje. I absolutely rate Faz.

  12. You say that but he didn’t against Toulon with 10 mins left which I found particularly surprising.

  13. Could make it easier for players to properly voice their displeasure at coaches for subbing them off

  14. I received that too. Will probably use the email from Saracens though.

  15. He’s been class for us again this season and would still start most big matches. If Ashton can keep going then Maitland has a few more seasons in him at least.

  16. Does he play there much for Sarries? I thought he was now pretty much a Winger full time.

  17. Until recently he’d played more at full back than wing this season. It’s only because Goode is so, well, good that he plays wing for the moment. Long term he will be a full back full time.

  18. Actually brings up a question, how has Goode become so good recently? Absolute joy watching him play at the minute

  19. He’s been brilliant for us for about a decade to be honest.

  20. He never let us down when playing for Sarries, I always had a lot of time for him in our squad.

  21. We’ve concentrated on retention but added Tizard who looks like a very good addition to make up for Swindon’s likely retirement.

  22. Have to feel for the ref with Biggar and Farrell in each ear.

  23. I'm gutted we were beaten but we were beaten by a better team. We can only learn. Let's not forget, Saracens are still a team in a building phase. To get to a European semi final and to be 2nd in the premiership despite everything that has gone on, it's a testament to how good they are.

  24. Kruis was always underrated IMO, one of the best in the world at his peak. Swinson has been a class signing, definitely helped fill the void and was missed yesterday. Still I expect more from Isiewke and Maro, they’re two international quality locks.

  25. I think sometimes you have to give it up to the other team- they constantly put us under pressure and forced us into errors.

  26. Davies has been incredible tackling in the backfield recently, who would’ve stopped that tonight? Wiggy? No way

  27. Ain't sure about that defense from Aled Davies.

  28. Daly’s fault for stepping in, Davies was in no man’s land against a hotstepper.

  29. Mark McCall reckons he’s doing really well this season, he wasn’t to blame for us collectively being a bit shit tonight.

  30. no but he was like a lead brick, every breakdown the ball was either slow or inaccurate. meaning toulon managed to get the game line every time.

  31. That was more because our breakdown was messy as shot. Partly because Toulon were really good and partly because our pack didn’t do their job. Not that Davies was perfect.

  32. Ha oh I see, was unaware of that. I only made that comment based on Prem rankings. Like if Toulon can't beat the 8th in the Prem at home by more than 1 point, you'd think mathematically they'll struggle and likely lose against no.2.

  33. We’ve played Irish 4 times this season- 1 win, two losses and a draw. They’re a bit of a weird team to try and lock down!

  34. whats the chances of sarries winning but everyone in their team getting a one week ban?

  35. Could Tigers put out the oldest backline in prem history next season? Wigglesworth(38) Gopperth(38) Socino (33), Scott(31) Nadolo (34) Ashton (35) Murimurivalu (33)

  36. I’d just like to avoid playing an English team, otherwise I just can’t wait to be back in the top competition.

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