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  1. Seem to remember him being extremely highly thought of, another positive move by Borthwick.

  2. Cipriani suddenly going up in my estimation, not that he was particularly low anyway. Also he’s started doing bits of analysis on twitter, well worth checking out.

  3. I think he’s very good at one particular element of being a fullback, which happens to be a bit of disaster position historically for England which amplifies it. Anyone who says he’s #1 15 in the world needs to be sectioned though.

  4. Which is exactly what they’re doing here and, for once, striking while the iron is hot with a big London derby straight after the six nations while interest is still high.

  5. Some really good numbers, it was a great game to have on fta as well.

  6. Finally Prem rugby doing something sensible and following up on the six nations interest. If England had a good tournament then I imagine numbers would’ve been even higher. As you say, great match to have on, plenty of tries and subplots to follow.

  7. Even though this has been brewing for a while, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  8. There will no doubt be another great back three talent ready to come through the rate you guys are producing them.

  9. I went through a brief period of wanting to see Ford at 9 with Faz, Tuilagi, Slade outside him

  10. 9. Smith 10. Ford 11. Daly 12. Farrell 13. Slade 14. Malins 15. Furbank. All playmakers, it will be glorious.

  11. We're going to play London Irish in the playoffs aren't we?

  12. As long as you do the same for us the round after we’re ok!!

  13. I’m not sure we want to face you in the playoffs considering our recent record!

  14. I know I’m biased but I was surprised that it wasn’t even looked at, seemed suspicious at best from where I was sitting. Then I’m sure they scored not long after 🤷‍♂️

  15. What was Christies yellow for? It looked like they tried an offload, chucked it straight to Malins, and Andy was penalised.

  16. I think the Christie yellow was for not being back 10, which was fair enough.

  17. Oof that Loz tackle on Esterhuizen! I’m all for Loz bringing those hits back.

  18. Great match, both teams coming out to play. We didn’t get a replay at the stadium, what’s the consensus on Care/Van Zyl incident? I was a bit surprised it was only a scrum to us.

  19. Just Theo and Elliot missing from our full strength squad?

  20. Wolfy and CHH but not sure if they’d make the squad.

  21. Hmm I think if we were in a final Wolfy would take it because of his lineout which is great these days. Dan is a future star though.

  22. Pretty sure this is the strongest team we've put out in months, don't see it happening for us though

  23. We haven’t played a match since 5th March and have a lot of England players being reintegrated, if there’s a time to catch us cold then it’s Saturday.

  24. Definitely, given his age I thought the one year contract extension he signed at the end of last season was great. But with Malins off and Segun's injury problems this season do you think we'll sign him for another year? I know we have a(nother) winger coming from London Irish, but would be good to have more depth if possible

  25. I’d keep him for another year, especially if there’s not someone out there who we can sign in the cheap to replace him.

  26. There’s this great new band called the Arctic Monkeys you should check out…

  27. As it's the head coach of Sarries saying England should rush to central contracts I'm sure that making Sarries uncatchable in the league is the last thing on his mind...

  28. By the time this came in it will be far more beneficial to Tigers considering your young English cohort. Youngest guy we have in the 23 is Malins and he’s off at the end of the season.

  29. Don't think that would eradicate that as it's a stylistic thing. There would still be a difference between club and test level.

  30. Yes but there would be control from England over what type of conditioning the players were doing, to make sure it fit around what the national coach is trying to do.

  31. Absolute club legend for Northampton. I’ve never seen a player battle so much negativity and adversity to ultimately prove doubters wrong and triumph where nobody thought he would.

  32. The Ford/Farrell England debate will go away for about 5 years then be back again.

  33. I think Jamie George’s contribution has gone slightly under the radar this six nations. He’s played all but 8 minutes of this years’ tournament, which is decent going for any hooker but especially one who isn’t exactly one of these modern “could’ve been a flanker (or wing in the case of Sheehan” hookers. Add to that he was up there near the top for rucks hit at the end of round 4 (haven’t seen stats for the comp overall) and England’s set piece has been the most successful of all the teams, I’d say he’s done a damn good job.

  34. I'm not really sold on Daly anymore, he was class in the sarries Lyon game but I just feel Slade offers a much more well rounded game and his kicking from hand is superb.

  35. He’s been Sarries best player this season, the Lyon game wasn’t a one off.

  36. Fully agree. And fully understand why people are cold on him. But he's international proven and does amazing at club.

  37. Also England’s attack was as good as I can ever remember it in 2019 with three of Ford/Farrell/Daly and Slade on the field, add in one of Lawrence or Manu and I think we can build a good attack for the World Cup.

  38. I feel we had a better idea how to defend but I don't think we offered a lot going forwards. It was predictable and one-dimensional and we're not going far in the world cup unless we can improve it significantly.

  39. Bear in mind we were playing against the best defence in the tournament and probably the best defence in the world right now on Saturday.

  40. Owen's younger brother in full Ireland kit to the right.

  41. Imagine the younger brother plays for Ireland and Owen’s son plays for England, the first ever uncle v nephew grudge match!

  42. Not even close: Monty and Digby Ione, Sipili Falatea and Yoram Moefana, various Tuilagis... I'm sure there have been others. Roy and Greg Laidlaw probably the most famous uncle nephew pairing but they never played against each other.

  43. Undermining the refs by retrospectively complaining / appealing is the same thing

  44. Loads of players appeal cards at hearings, Sarries have done so twice this season and had red cards rescinded after the fact.

  45. Risen stock of those who played: Chessum, Willis, Lawrence, Mitchell

  46. I'd add Ludlam to risen as well, he's been very good for most of the tournament

  47. Agreed, I’ve always had quite a high opinion of Ludlam so must be why I didn’t think of him! Also Watson looks close to his best again.

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