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  1. One of these doesn’t belong… (it’s bitcoin cause Gmerica trades in ETH, LRC, and IMX, DeFi is the future and GameStop has picked its partners/players)

  2. Bitcoin belongs because the spirit of bitcoin and the spirit of drs are the same. Both are about financial revolution, transparency, the end of theft by inflation of supply, self custody and owning what you buy.

  3. When people say embedding they mean using textual inversion. An embedding is the end product of textual inversion.

  4. And for those dumb people who don’t know what textual inversion is…?

  5. For what it’s worth BTC and eth are extremely different, and frankly I think BTC is more in line with the spirit of drs. Self custody, decentralized, absolutely scarce, inviolable property, completely transparent with no counterparty risk. Theft and dilution are impossible.

  6. To say bitcoin will gain value again is speculation. Crypto is in very critical point of its life in my opinion, if it doesn’t prove itself soon I’m not sure we will see it rise again to where it previously was. usdc isn’t working out like planned right now, which isn’t exactly good news for the whole concept of decentralization. You still can’t use bitcoin for much, and as much as I want it to be something positive, it doesn’t really seem like it is going to be at this point.

  7. Bitcoin is fundamentally different from the rest of crypto, though. And in every metric except price in usd is at all time highs (hashrate, network size etc). Lightning is developing at an incredible rate (see cash app, strike and what’s happening on Nostr)

  8. The base SD model isn't that great, go to and find one that appeals to you. Dreamlike Photoreal and ReV Animated are my current go-tos but there are tons of options.

  9. Can you also give a quick eli5 for where to put a file if it’s a safetensors type? I have read conflicting things and want to be sure I’m doing it right.

  10. A model is the base image generator, selected in the top left of the A1111 window like you said. It can be either a .ckpt (checkpoint) or a .safetensor, usually safetensor. They go in stable-diffusion-webui-master\models\Stable-diffusion. LoRAs use the same filetypes but are much smaller, they go in \models\Lora.

  11. This is exactly what I needed thank you. 🙏

  12. Sometimes I get the eerie feeling that’s what we’re already experiencing.

  13. Yeah this AI stuff gets existential real quick

  14. That gif looks like asmongold in 10 years

  15. How did I not think of this

  16. OK.....I need beginner help with control net....any suggestions?

  17. I find Sebastian’s content really easy to follow:

  18. 3 and 5 look especially good. Great job!

  19. Nice!! I might pull the trigger at this price point

  20. I’ve been extremely pleased with mine @$1500

  21. Fuck this is some of the best I’ve seen. Just beautiful! How’d you do it?

  22. Cash app is great. Free taxes too, better than TurboTax imo.

  23. That's what I'm saying. Prepare to drown in micro transactions. F2P always seems more predatory, less fun.

  24. Idk I’ve had a ton of fun in fortnite over its lifetime. So long as micro transactions aren’t gameplay advantages or dumb time gates etc they don’t bother me

  25. Anyone know if DRS is possible from cash app?

  26. Yes it is but cash is not good. Say you buy a stock. You can sell it. You can buy another before settlement. But if you sell THAT before settlement, and buy another, you get a "free ride violation" and your account is cancelled.

  27. Yeah I mean that would happen at fidelity too in a cash account. All good

  28. I mean zenith has all of those things fwiw

  29. Wait, did I miss something? Is Apple getting into vr?

  30. Yeah supposedly. They have a headset in the works. It’ll be pricey and might be more focused on mixed reality than VR. Not a ton is known about it

  31. The fiat I used to purchase a digital asset was taxed, if I exchange eth to lrc how would that be taxed?

  32. Which IR Illuminator and do you need more than one to cover the play space?

  33. Any of the $30 ir flood light things you see on Amazon will be like staring into the sun in the will light up any size room

  34. Couldn’t this be someone closing out their covered calls?

  35. I sometimes wonder if covid dropped my IQ. I can't remember exactly what I was like before but I feel a lot of brain fog now.

  36. Bro the other day I went to write the letter L and couldn’t remember which way it faced. Straight up terrified me.

  37. this also means lower volatility and no more periodic spikes / cycles like before. The more this continues, the more likely it is for us to see much lower prices and without any catalyst, this will remain quite stable

  38. Wouldn’t lower volume generally mean a wider bid/ask and more volatility?

  39. There is no functional difference between the printing of money and counterfeiting. It’s just illegal when you do it.

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