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  1. It's gonna get real suit up, cause you're going to court.

  2. Life is easier than we make it.....just takes the right amount of balls, and I don't mean to the face. I mean on how to handle Life

  3. It's been in existence so odds are, it'll stay that way, but, the grass cutters that aren't lawn mowers, but can be used as one.

  4. Though they can be what your noodle wants to equate.....the world now looks like Alice is strolling all over it....and I stopped tripping three days ago

  5. When a woman has boobs, it’s normal. When I have boobs, I’m just fat

  6. My nipples getting hard over a pumpkin spice latte....

  7. Idk I hear you expand how much you feel for things and people, so it elevates either Aggression or Empathy.

  8. I never really looked that deep into Mac's discography but for what I've heard I like him. Em's winning my vote, anyone got any tracks from Mac I should listen to?

  9. Listen to Avian off Watching Movies, it just reminds me that life is taken way too seriously by the vast majority, and if you just sit back, it'll start coming together on its own even. But with effort, you'll see it really take off.

  10. Uhhhh, if it's an Apple Watch so I could text my girlfriend telling her I probably won't be home for dinner.....and ask her to send me Steve Irwin. Probably know what to do in these parts.

  11. ......what are you talking about? Even if alien civilizations were discovered, it would be a question of understanding what the civilization is capable of. Not how many stars and planets hold a civilization, which hasn't been discovered yet. One day homie one day. They should build a satellite that after a specific distance, it orbits into something that holds heat, or light. Bet we'd find E.T.

  12. Nah the works of both those things won't matter too each other because one deals with the foundations of science, ie the old, antiquated mechanisms science employs to expand itself, and one deals with the process of expansion on the field they're both relating to something that is different from each other.

  13. How, when modern medicine just looks to solve physical problems directly. It's literally been worked up to do, the exact opposite, of your concerns. Lolz

  14. Getting a stronger education may garner both. Success isn't a definite with a solid education, but stress induced from having to earn it is a given.

  15. New York City wasn't there in the beginning of the 1600s. And then it just was. Theres a God.

  16. Yeah some guys think that they hold dominion over the girls they're with and it makes them think that everything and anything will roll over just fine. Glad you got rid of your pig situation. I bet you deserve more than that. Don't let another dude feel like they're more important. Take care :)

  17. Rap is just creating a rhythmic way to say poetry that's been written, over a beat. Rap could be very intellectual, just listen to Aesop Rock.

  18. There is only one God and homosexuality is immoral, gross, and strange. Sexuality is a construct, meaning, it is a choice constructed by personal choice of behavior and beliefs.

  19. Nah man I'm sorry about you having to work on Mothers Day, but you seem like you put down the hours which is a great feat. I haven't done this in about 5 years. I need to get my life together.

  20. I've just recently started thinking about something. How is it that music recording artists make enough money to be able to continue their work and go on tour......I believe music is something that's hallucinated by us through the work of the Almighty. Like the bands you see live are projections created by God. As are movies and TV shows. Like media entertainment is totally created by God. I said movies and TV shows as well because there's no way that both of these are created through human perception, because most of the camera angles and the special effects are simply too stunning to have been made by humanity. God is what's making those things that keep us lazy and moving through the hours.

  21. Damn politicians would probably do anything to leave their name resting cleanly.......even when they can speak on so many transgressions that they have caused. King or Queen "Politician" needs to be seen with their tiara on.

  22. So let's just be thankful that life is rarely like this. If you live life as a good person, and acknowledge that we have God looking over us, 9 times out of 10 were going to be more than fine.

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