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In one sentence, how does CPTSD make you feel?

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  1. I have a really similar chart, a lot of the same placements but some different houses/aspects. Knowing my own chart it probably hasn’t been easy for you lol, we have a lot of difficult aspects but on the bright side they allow for a lot of character development

  2. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a turbulent chart, and yeah life certainly hasn’t been easy. Definitely agree there’s lots of room for growth. Although things have been rough as of late (which I blame on my Venus square Pluto…) I have grown and reflected on a lot the past two years

  3. Yess lately it’s been so tough, but I’m trying to remain positive and hope that it’ll be better soon

  4. This is beautiful. I think you ended it nicely, however, it feels very choppy throughout the rest of it. I think you could make it much more fluid to piece the meaning behind your words together better. Especially in the first two stanzas where you mention tulips and then lips, there can be correlation there but the way you've set it up makes it slightly awkward. It is honestly really good though!

  5. Ahhh yeah I definitely see that now, I’ll definitely work on expanding it to make it a bit more fluid. Thank you for the feedback!

  6. I enjoyed it. Some lines feel a bit fragmented and could benefit from further development to enhance the overall cohesiveness. Additionally, the poem could explore more vivid and specific imagery to deepen the emotional impact and engage the audience further.

  7. As a Summer '99 Kid, you have a Fixed Grand Cross, almost 2 if we count your Scorpio Mars as a pivot...and a Virgo Venus square Pluto. That one's a heartbreaker, never mind Mercury going retrograde or your Fixed Cross dilemma.

  8. I’ve joined the sub! I noticed that my Virgo Venus square Pluto tends to be an issue (I’ve done the compatibility tests before 😭)

  9. I’ve also been very emotionally turbulent lately, so I guess it would help to get some insight into that :/

  10. Thanks. You seem to be a Bengali probably of West Bengal origin or something and yeah seems like I saved your 23andme/harappaworld results from a while back haha your username showed up. You said you were Kayastho and Brahmin I think that could explain it. Which regions are your parents/grandparents from btw just out of curiosity

  11. Just look at the first one basically the 2nd one tries to break your ancestry down by components but for some reason you don't seem to work there but it works for most Bengalis

  12. Hi! I wanted to know if you ever got a chance to make this sweater, I’m looking to recreate it too; I’m wondering if you were able to find success?

  13. A fellow W3a 🤩🤩🤩🤩 I feel like I rarely see others!!

  14. I had something similar happen to me years ago for a master's program. I exceeded the requirements so I asked why I didn't get in/how to improve my application.

  15. Jesus, that sounds tedious and awful. I emailed them back, but I was still rejected. I’ll be applying for the spring program, hopefully my stuff will be enough then.

  16. Are you in the US? Depends on the state but some states are kinda strict on WHEN you should be getting your breaks.

  17. I’m in Canada. I’ve talked to my manager about it, and I asked if this was legal. Apparently, it is but I forgot the term he used. It’s so ridiculous and disrespectful given that we’re open till midnight. They slashed the hours for our cashiers, so everything quite literally falls on a supervisor who’s closing. I’ve worked at other franchises where I was given proper breaks, and even at other stores have I never been asked to take my full break that early. I’m looking to quit because the job is set up to be beyond exhausting

  18. They think we’re so worthless 🥲 like I’m worth more than that what the hell

  19. nice! What do you think are the most accurate results? Ancestry results are closer to the mean of some of your closest populations

  20. I want to say ancestry just ‘cause it’s slightly closer to the top result, but I’ve heard it has the caveat of being less accurate than 23&me

  21. I've actually read that ancestry's raw file is better.

  22. Happy Birthday Hon! You are enough and someday you’ll be satisfied with who you’ve become. Keep growing and living a life that makes you happy

  23. I knew this was rage-bait, but the number of people who thought OP’s trauma and feelings triumphed open bigotry made my head spin

  24. Hey, this is currently happening to me. Is it actually a result of being blocked or having stories hidden from you? I had to mute the account to get rid of the icon lol

  25. Take it back. I’ve been given exceptions several times (but I also had made great relationships with the SAs). If they don’t take it back, try again another day.

  26. Also if they make a big fuss, call Clientele beforehand and they’ll give you the okay to return in store. They’ll email the SM for proof :) So you can just say they okay’d it already!

  27. Alright, I’ll go back again after work. Hopefully, they can give me store credit at the very least. Thank you!

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