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Ghosted my anti-choice boyfriend

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Women should General Strike

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  1. I live in an apartment complex that has a central garden that is a big lawn surrounded by a sidewalk. You’re not allowed to go out on the grass of the lawn. And there have been elderly ladies who are quick to scold people who might stray onto the lawn, especially small children.One of the old Bitties said that they wanted children to stay on the sidewalk instead of the grass in case they fell down. Because the grass of course is uneven. And of course, it’s better for a child to fall on the rough and hard sidewalk than it is for them to fall on the grassy lawn, she says.

  2. You can also often just make the zipper opening longer. You can’t do that on a crotch seam, but on the back of the dress, a 24 inch opening isn’t going to change the fit that much from a 23 inch opening or 22 inch opening. You have to check to be sure you have enough placket, etc., but generally in the back of the dress, you just put the zipper in the standard seam allowance.

  3. I said it on another thread and I'll say it here, ladies stock up on marital aides they'll be coming for them soon enough, once they're done with gays and inter racial marriage they come after dildos screeching " I WILL NOT BE REPLACED"

  4. Isn’t there already a law in Texas that says you can’t own more than a certain number?

  5. he lied to you about his political views when you first started dating--why would you expect him to support basic human rights?

  6. While i agree, that isn't helpful if op(or any future Google-er) isn't the purchaser of the cases of water. Bosses and parents tend to do whatever tf they want, you can go pound sand if you dont like it

  7. Some cultures seem to use 1900s to refer to the decade.

  8. Chicago Manual Of Style and Words Into Type both say you cannot use it to mean the first decade

  9. So am I. Well, more indigo, but you get the point. Both abortion and guns are complicated issues with complicated rhetoric. There is not necessarily any right answer. And yet, I see abortion as absolutely necessary to keep because it saves lives and is a gateway to a slippery slope. And guns are a cultural thing on top of many various purposes, I wish gun culture itself would just go with toy guns and stuff, but I know it doesn't work like that. But I'm glad that Congress passed the gun control bill, but I'm also glad SCOTUS made gun rights more equal.

  10. I’m with you on that. I’m not a woman, but I 100% believe in a woman’s right to have an abortion, up to a certain point. Late-term abortions are weird and idk why any woman would ever wait that long. When you said very few people will get abortions just to get abortions, it reminded me of when South Park did their wrestling episode and Cartman’s character was addicted to abortions. Sorry if I sent you like 3 replies. Reddit acting funky on me.

  11. I know why women would wait that long--they're having trouble deciding; they discover late in the game that this would be damaging to them (let's say they think their partner is supportive, then realize he's an asshole); they have trouble accessing abortion care.

  12. making abortion be a states' rights issue is likely to lead to a Dred Scott problem.

  13. I live in NYC; that would get pretty onerous. There are places I'd never be able to go.

  14. Wishful thinking. I’m going to go ahead and guess you’ve never spent a significant amount of time in rural America?? There’s plenty of conservatives in the younger generation

  15. the biggest thing is that the youngsters in rural areas who are NOT conservatives will leave, and the Senate and Electoral College imbalance will stay

  16. Unrelated but this gave me the most sickening thought - will women forced to birth unwanted pregnancies be allowed to control who is in the delivery room? What if they decide that "fathers" have the right to be there regardless of what the patient wants?

  17. that's probably coming, because there is no right to privacy.

  18. What the hell else do they expect Democrats to do?!?

  19. This sounds right to me. OP, hairballs aren't really ball-shaped, they're more like sausages.... a goopy 'skin' filled with cat fur.

  20. Then it will be like in that Bojack Horseman episode, where they make gun ownership illegal because women suddenly started to use them and men felt no longer "safe" doing what men do best.

  21. Anybody who believed them was an absolute sap

  22. Republicans are forcing women to breed cuz they're afraid of being "replaced"........ plus they know the mortality rate amongst minority women giving birth is higher than their white counterparts. So two (2) birds, one (1) stone smfh

  23. But what’s stupid is that the people they want to be reproducing are middle-class white people.

  24. My car auto locks the doors once you hit 30kmph. I also grew up thinking that keeping the doors locked was a law. Huh.

  25. But you should really lock it well before you get to that point, because if someone is going to jump in your car, they’re going to do it before you get up to 30 miles an hour

  26. Did you see the map? In very few states is the percentage of approval for legal abortion higher than 60%. And a great many states, it is 35%

  27. Actually, most polls show up to 70-90% of Americans are against abortion becoming illegal.

  28. A lot of those people say “most Americans,” and ice seldom see anything that breaks it down by state

  29. Say, with a pleasant tone “please don’t” and dodge away. And then walk away from them to whatever else you can do that takes you out of their orbit at that moment.

  30. This sounds so ridiculous and the crazy thing is before googling this, I didn't know if this was real or not cause of how much of an idiot she is, it's something she absolutely would do.

  31. Andy Borowitz is a satire writer. He is the New Yorkers version of the Onion

  32. Oil dissolves oil. Spray it down with oil, or wipe someone with a paper towel. Let it sit a little bit, scrub it to start loosening things, then start wiping it up, again with a paper towel. Then use any ordinary degreasing cleanser, like Dawn dish soap, Lestoil, or Simple Green

  33. I thought dresses were considered fairly formal and therefore more "professional" looking than other options.

  34. I could see a school saying that they were going to band dresses and skirts because then they didn’t have to have any discussions about how short they are, or whether somebody’s underwear is showing, or whether boys are flipping up girls skirts. Just another example of how girls and women get restricted in order to “protect” them from badly behaved boys and men.

  35. Did you know everything has to be a solid color? No stripes, no florals.

  36. the switch actually wasn’t even in the attic… it was by the garage door

  37. Put a sign at the very top of your stairs and nice big letters that tells where the light switches. For the next person who goes up there for some reason

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