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  1. For real, most of news like this turns out untrue in the end., so I will definitely take it with a pinch of salt.

  2. By “native Turkish Cypriot” I exclude those settling in Cyprus after 1974

  3. but do you know what a Furry is? Do people dress up as giant turkeys and go to dark hotel rooms in groups where you are from? The dress up as cats and dogs and do that here. I used to love freedom and secular democracy until I had to work at a Furry con. It was at that moment I realized muhammed was right about everything expect the child bride. The child bride thing is like a furry thing but being able to beat your son with a Quran if he bought a fox suit would fix the west over night. Still have to deal with the Aishea thing but most Muslims don't do that so I pick Islamic theocracy. I'd just rewrite the Quran and Hadiths to say Aisha was 28.

  4. one half of the country hate them for what they've done to us the other half are obsessed with them bulgaria.

  5. Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall is a good book on geo-politics, the chapter on Russia and Eastern Europe talk about the warm-water port issue and the steppes as a problem, nothing geographic blocking a tank column sweeping into Moscow

  6. Yea that’s also a rlly gd pt, Ukraine is a plain, which means Western Powers can sweep into Russia through it without obstacles

  7. Iirc isnt EV13 slightly more than J2 in Greece?

  8. Ah yes Russia the 100% Mongol non-European country


  10. Hamas was supported by Israel in it's initial steps,that Sheikh who founded the Hamas movement was given airtime in the Israeli public radio,the Palestinians fell in to the trap and now they are divided between Islamists and secularists making their goal for a Palestinian state 10x harder, may Allah have mercy on them because they are screwed

  11. For Greece it's difficult because while we sympathize with Ukraine we made Russia our enemy .

  12. Well I think the Greek govt did so for more US backing, it does benefit Greece in the short run indeed by mounting more pressure on Turkey by the West but in the long run this destroys its relations with its potential allies (Russia and Iran) in case a war with Turkey breaks out

  13. Greater Iran + Turkey and Greece. I don't care how violent of a synthesis it could be. J2 masterrace

  14. If I ain’t mistaken, the proportion of EV13 is slightly greater than that of J2 among Greeks

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