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  1. He mentions that it’s likely the PC’s Denuvo anti-cheat which will eventually get removed.

  2. You don't have to scroll down apps list again going back to previous page.

  3. Oh thank god. Lets hope they do the same for Settings and Xbox.

  4. So they can reinvent folders but they can't uncombine taskbar labels?

  5. I'd prefer steam had a lightweight background process that updated games without the need to fire up Steam itself.

  6. I wish steam in general had a lite client. No big picture, controller drivers, music player, web browser, etc etc etc. Just the library, download manager, and the bare minimum needed to make friend invites work.

  7. Have you noticed anything wrong with analog diagonals? I've noticed that in some games like katamari going diagonal makes you walk slowly, I have to turn the analog multiplier up to 1.10 to go full speed. This didn't start happening until the gui update.

  8. Would you still happen to have a copy of the firmware since that link is no longer active?


  10. And what kind of bugginess can I expect from the firmware besides that?

  11. It's hard to explain. It just doesn't work sometimes. Feeding filament in through the UI is a mess and sometimes it just won't start a print until I restart the machine.

  12. Yep. On it. I'll figure it out. There's some things I would love to change. 1.0.10 ( I think? ) Is what I've been using. Some tweaks would be cool.

  13. Ohh man, the bugs don't stop there. My biggest issue was OctoPrint and the Z offset. After upgrading to 1.0.13, I could no longer change any of the "active" settings you can normally change while printing... Z offset, HB temp, tool temp, etc etc.

  14. I've heard about the absolute numbers but that's not what mine does. If I type in 10mm it'll extrude 10mm, if I type 15mm after that it either does nothing or goes backwards until I turn it off. I think the active settings are still working for me though. I haven't had to adjust z offset lately but temp and speed work mid print.

  15. So how are we going to call the original MW2? Just MW2, and the new one is MW2 2022?

  16. I still hope one day they'll replace all the generic blue elements throughout the OS with accent colors.

  17. The actual explanation since everyone just wants to meme:

  18. Just bought one. It gave me an error about them being out of ASUS face masks, but the card itself went through fine.

  19. If they make a wireless version with Switch/Android/Dinput/Xinput support I'll buy like 10 of them

  20. How many examples are there of stable emulators during a console's prime years?

  21. There were Gameboy Advance emulators before the GBA even came out

  22. Say the wires are currently wired as 1-2-3-4

  23. Heh.. yeah, it does that. My favorite now? The newest creality firmware makes the extrusion value an absolute number, not relative.

  24. Yeah I have to restart the whole printer to extrude twice. It'll do it once then never again. Custom firmware can't come soon enough.

  25. Strange the date states Sep 2021, when was the latest version released?

  26. I just checked my machine, I had the September update and it was on 1.0.10

  27. I just checked the steam page but didn't see a workshop. Is it 3rd party software to add this support?

  28. Oh hell yeah, checking it out now. There's a Halo server on Pavlov that is generous cycling through the maps, but it's just 1 server and it's a good night if 10 people are on.

  29. You can do bots. I don't think there's a way to automatically add them if there's not enough players though, you just set how many you want before you start the game.

  30. It happened to me too, email support with your order number and they'll send a replacement for free.

  31. I bought a 310x320mm textured magnetic PEI build plate and it's been working great. Autoleveling works fine.

  32. Any word on uncombined taskbar icons? That's the biggest missing feature for me.

  33. Not exactly the same thing but you can use

  34. That works for some services, but anything where an actual person might read your address, or a basic script that can recognize

  35. I have a Pixel 5a on the latest update, the option isn't there.

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