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  1. Just a really obscure reference from an old Conan Obrien episode.

  2. The green label and "Special Reserve" make me wonder if it is really Weller SR?

  3. I’ll posit that people that are paid bi-weekly or monthly are better at budgeting and are more in-tune with their finances than those who get paid weekly or daily.

  4. ENB is a Dividend Champion, not a Dividend Challenger. Do a search in

  5. Tsla, Titties, Testosterone. All will eventually go down over time.

  6. Yeah your right.....the banking systems must have planned for that global pandemic so that they could rub their hands together and devalue money. You sure got us

  7. "Wah wah market not doing what I want it to do"

  8. He’s got this holier than thou attitude that makes it easy to root for his failure.

  9. Few things that get me more excited than when I drive by a good lot.

  10. I'm a Distiller and the Director of Brand Education for Spirit of York Distillery in Toronto

  11. Awesome! I see you guys have a 100% rye. Any other whiskies or plans to release others?

  12. Are you handy? Any interest in the trades? Could literally find you a job today.

  13. Thanks for the options, a few of those I hadn't seen before so I will be adding them to my list to research.

  14. I’ll give another vote to Golden Steer. Steak was phenomenal. Legend has it that Sinatra loved their Bananas Foster. :)

  15. nah just ride the wave. You knew this was the risk when you picked variable

  16. I don’t think people DID know the risk. They just looked at the monthly payments and salivated.

  17. You calculated risk into your financial decision making. You were wise. Society has been far too flippant with regards to risk this last decade.

  18. Rising rates together with rising inflation in a recipe for disaster for a lot of people - this isn’t something that many people can necessarily plan for as the situation seems to be constantly changing.

  19. I’ve been planning for this for the last 14 years. I don’t know what you mean…

  20. You should have a union steward at your workplace who can give you the name of your union rep. The rep can direct you to any info you may want on this.

  21. This is the problem. They go after the “upper middle class” rather than the real “rich”

  22. Hmmm, that reminds me of a quote I read in a book somewhere - something about an attempt to allow the middle class to get close to achieving real wealth...but holding them back forever.

  23. Man, I’ve felt this my whole life and have said the same thing many times.

  24. Wish I had an award to give you. This is so true. I started my financial journey near 2008. I ALWAYS factored risk into my plan. It has hindered my returns over the last decade….. but now……NOW!!! Mwahahahaha

  25. This has gotta come as a surprise given I think most people were anticipating 0.75.

  26. I figure they saw the U.S. numbers this morning and made the call. They are trying to get ahead of the ball. The U.S. is waaay behind.

  27. “Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem said the bank made the decision to front-load its rate-hiking campaign because Canadians "are getting more worried that high inflation is here to stay. We cannot let that happen."

  28. I haven’t looked this up to see if you are pulling my leg, but it’s sad that it’s believable.

  29. Reading up on it now and totally don’t understand it. Seems like a massive overstep though.

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