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  1. UPDATE: She peed on my shoes. -5 cuteness points

  2. Which Luke figure is that? I feel like the head looks better than the official release of Luke from Mando.

  3. That’s the Luke Skywalker from SH FigureArts with a custom head, and custom cape.

  4. I just repainted the original one to make the eyes and mouth look more realistic.

  5. Whoa where did you get Lando? JK, all fine additions to the collection!

  6. Damn how’d u get that Lando? He’s like super rare and can never find him.

  7. Found him on eBay for a really good deal. Only $45 plus shipping! 👍🏽

  8. I ordered mine from BigBadToys because people really recommended them for shipping early cases, but this time I think they’re the only ones who haven’t shipped anything to their costumers.


  10. Grand inquisitor for Dooku and Ahsoka replacing Rey.

  11. Thanks bro! Hardest part was dyeing the “Jedi Luke” Black Series robe to get rid off the brown tone.

  12. Finally? They just came in stock 4 days ago.

  13. I ordered Ahsoka from Walmart since November and is still stuck somewhere in Dallas. So yeah, finally.

  14. “Me encanta cantar” sounds perfectly fine, I don’t know why mi amigo said it sounded wrong or unnatural. I guess I just love the expression “encanta” when it comes to describing one’s feeling and passion towards something you love.

  15. That looks like Yoda... if he had been dead for a month.

  16. I saw Cody at my local target but they wouldn’t let me ring it up :(

  17. I can’t decide if I want to pick this one up or not. The face doesn’t look that great, and the hair is the wrong color. But with the hood on it’d look pretty good.

  18. I ended up swapping the X-Wing pilot Luke head with this one. It really makes a difference.

  19. I went to Target in the morning and they still had nothing on the shelf, so I asked a worker. He brought out a box with several other figures of the same DCPI, but they only had Thrawn and Luke from the new wave. No Cody.

  20. It sucks that the employees at my local target won’t even bother checking if they have more inventory available.

  21. Did you go to target early in the morning to get it or just got lucky ?

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