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  1. I emailed Neuron about this a while ago and they said that they're just waiting for the city to tell them they can put them out again.

  2. So exactly as I suspected, the city is holding everything up. So frustrating.

  3. If you hold down the crosswalk button for more than 5 seconds it will put the crosswalk into a longer cross time mode. Some will sound the blind person alarm and some will just add additional time to the crossing.

  4. Unfortunately though, not a lot of people actually know they do that and a lot of the crosswalks I see don't even have a button like at Chapel and Laurier

  5. I think all the lights along Laurier through Sandy Hill have them, except for trying to cross at uOttawa towards the Tabaret lawn, that one is broken.

  6. I can guarantee that at the Chapel and Laurier intersection, right at the Laurier house has no buttons at all.

  7. My roommate went two weeks ago at 8pm and didn't see a doctor until 7am. Take that how you will.

  8. You're right, the visible bone and tendons from a gash in his arm was nothing to worry about

  9. No bro. Either your employer chose to close or you chose to not go to work.

  10. Look up the CF Rideau Center and see for yourself, Google says it's closed and the

  11. Tons of people downtown both protesters and non protesters. Now I wasn’t in Ottawa but the idea that a business can’t make money is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like claiming you can’t make money on Canada Day. They willingly chose to close for whatever personal reasons they have. If the mall forced them to close then that is on the mall. Protesters have the right to express their constitutional right to protest just like you can run your business. Saying the protest “forced” you to close is very different than you choosing to close because of the protest.

  12. They closed because the employees didn't feel safe because of the protestors and again, they were literally shitting in the halls. It became such a horrible health and safety concern that they had to close the mall.

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