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Weed vs Alcohol

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  1. Look I smoke every day but this is just dumb. You're telling me gangsters in the hood don't kill each other regardless of whether they're high or not?

  2. Yeah if I'm high in a room with someone I hate I will absolutely not be best friends with them. I'll probably be in the mindset to bluntly tell them exactly why I don't like them without seeing any aggession in doing so. And I would totally be fixated on what they're doing since I don't trust them. It would definitely ruin my night

  3. The left has moved so far left George Orwell is a right winger to be mocked I guess.

  4. The whole left and right thing is a stupid construct that does nothing but pit the lower classes against eachother so they can prop up the status quo. Everyone has different views depending on the topic and if you meet someone who agrees with litterally everything you do they're probably being dishonest. Real people will lean left on certain issues, right on others and are probably neutral or uninformed about most things. This whole rift of villainizing one side or the other is just plain stupid. People limit themselves to the views of their parties because that's who they cheer for and it's a complete disservice to their own individual thought. The sooner people realize this and stop doing shit just to piss off the other side (which mostly just exists in their head) the sooner we can move past this bullshit.

  5. I'm entirely convinced PP is gonna win leadership... what that means for CPC is totally up in the air because as much as I am displeased by Trudeau, I can hardly support someone who's platform/talking-points so far have been "Trudeau is wrong" ... I want to hear tangible plans to cover the issues I have with LPC and not "I'd reverse this/that decision"

  6. This is the problem with Canadian politics. None of the opposition actually have any plans but we're expected to believe they'll do better. PP is just the conservative version of Trudeau and Singh is completely out of touch. Good luck to voters.

  7. Most millennials could’ve bought a house for 200k 4 years ago no?

  8. Many of us had experienced the recession just before entering the job market. Buying a house without having a proper down payment and long term stable income was a terrifying idea. Looking back it was those who were ignorant of the risk that ended up coming out ahead. That's one of the reasons for the bitterness. We made the responsible decision and got burned for it. The same boomers who are now saying we should have just bought earlier were the ones telling us not to buy until we were absolutely sure we could afford it.

  9. Yeah, we tried one of those and were a bit shocked at the rates. It's best for those who can charge at home, but that comes back to the whole bit about having a home where you can install a charger...

  10. Just another thing widening wealth inequality. Soon they'll tax the fuck out of driving a gas cars just to drive the dagger in further. The planet is still going to be fucked but now we can't afford to even get to work.

  11. The Westons are just the Waltons of Canada. Same shit, different country.

  12. They are responsible for so much of what is wrong with Canada right now. When the average Canadian can't afford their grocery bill, how long until they eat these rich fucks instead?

  13. He wants to pissed people off and he wants attention, and the crowd is giving him both.

  14. I didn't even need sound on to know that this little guy has a massive Napoleon complex

  15. Only because we allow giant corporations to collude to fix prices. In a competitive market it just means the company sees less profit or (to the horror of the shareholders) stagnant profits. We should be holding these assholes accountable but instead we're enabling their shitty business practices.

  16. realize there are steps the employer can take to improve working conditions right? It's still going to be a shitty job but that doesn't mean they need to bring in cheaper labour. Give people a good reason they should choose to work for you. These companies have been allowed to be lazy for too long. Now the power has shifted slightly and they're crying. We should have no sympathy for them.

  17. Investors or not, the only reason prices continue to climb is that people are still willing to pay. Now on top of the ridiculously over the top prices they are also agreeing to high risk terms like this. None of this happens if people stop buying in. I realize that will never happen but it still kills my sympathy for any buyers getting screwed right now.

  18. Fastest way to lose alot of users.

  19. I like Doge, own a decent sum of doge, but this is idea is so absolutely dumb that it's clearly a troll. The dude didn't spend billions of dollars just to run the company in to the ground, which is what this would do. They're fucking with you for a laugh. I genuinely hope most of the comments in this thread are also just memeing

  20. I always feel like girls with small boobs want bigger boobs, and girls with big boobs want smaller boobs

  21. Every single woman I've been with has wished they had different boobs. And in my opinion every single one of those women had amazing ones in their own way. People like to talk about men trying to force women in to looking a certain way, but a lot of it comes down to people wanting what they can't have.

  22. So the young couples having kids and needing more space shouldn't have tried to get into the housing market?

  23. Honestly, no they shouldn't have. I get why they did it and I sympathize with them, but it was still their own decision to buy in at record highs.

  24. Legit i swear everyone besides me read like a fucking robot pausing after every word and getting caught up on words like "Concentration" or "Ovipositor" like mf are you still at a 1st grade reading level?

  25. Did anyone else purposely make themselves more robotic in order to fit in or was it just my anxious ADHD self? I could breeze through shit no problem, even changing voices while reading dialogue but I felt like I was being a show-off. Had to read ahead and find the places where I could insert stumbles just so the other kids wouldn't hate me.

  26. Looks like the blue stretchy string on disposable earplugs pairs

  27. So... we may have destroyed thousands of small businesses across Canada for nothing?

  28. It was never about stopping the spread... the goal was to slow it down so it didn't completely overtake our hospitals. It mostly succeeded on that front. Which businesses got to remain open or closed is a different issue altogether.

  29. What if zero politicians had a second property? Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest with property owners? Are the 80% of politicians that don't a problem? It's just not an issue.

  30. This is such high level mental gymnastics that I feel like I need a different phrase to describe it. Absolutely backwards donkey brained drivel will have to do for now, I guess.

  31. How the fuck can not holding an investment be a conflict of interest? You have to be a troll.

  32. According to Fox's Glenn Beck the take over offer deal is being rejected because the "radical left" does not want people like Donal T rump to speak the truth. "If Twitter's board was truely run by capitalist, it would take the deal to make the profit."

  33. All of the right wing people I know are cheering him on because he's apparently going to save us from all of the lies and censorship coming from twitter. I just don't even have the energy to listen to these people any more. Every day it's another world ending or world saving event but yet the left are all alarmists. I'm fucking exhausted.

  34. Of course, but it feels like everyone in this thread is either a homeowner stressed out or a renter saying well you rich fuck I guess you shouldn’t have bought then. Even though those same people are arguing everybody should have a rate and opportunity to own. I’m just saying there are good hard-working middle-class Canadians who bought for their future or family (who hopefully planned for and will be ok through this) and they are not your enemy or necessarily rich.

  35. I don't think the renters don't see this. We just don't have sympathy because it was still a choice to buy the house. Personally I see the fucked up prices and they scare me off. If another person chooses to pay it, it's their own problem when they can't afford it.

  36. This. I've seen it play out in real time with people I grew up with. Gifted students, absolutely coddled at home, never had any real challenges. Constantly told that they're going to achieve huge things in life, that they're super smart... Then they hit their first stumbling block in adulthood and have absolutely zero coping mechanisms. All they know is that everyone expects them to be a winner, but they never learned how to actually do anything that wasn't handed to them. So they turn into a burnt out, underemployed adult with a serious EQ deficit and no motivation, but all of the anxiety of a lifetime of hearing other people's expectations.

  37. "What are the rules...? What are the ruuu'uuuules?"

  38. Oh man the Scrubs one and Always Sunny ones are an exception. Some hilarious songs in there. I feel like that might be part of the difference. Those episodes were just so wacky that it makes it work, where as in the office it's still somewhat grounded and gives off a local theatre vibe. The other shows seemed to come up with a joke and then base a song on it, while the Office either just covered a song or seemed to decide to do a song first and come up with the jokes after.

  39. You didn’t like the Nobody lip sync cold open?

  40. Not really to be honest. That one isn't bad enough to make me skip but it definitely doesn't do anything for me.

  41. Since when do we sacrifice the childrens' future to protect the elderly?

  42. How is wearing a mask for a few hours a day sacrificing anyone's future?

  43. I'm not a Conservative, but I love Pierre Poilievre

  44. If he presents anything of substance I might warm up to him. All I've seen personally is him taking low hanging fruit to make a bunch of noise in the house and then pander with the sound bites it creates. Yelling and complaining is easy. Coming up with actual solutions and implementing them properly is what actually matters though. Unfortunately I don't have faith in any of our politicians to do that.

  45. The problem stems from most canadians who vote dont actually see this shit cause theyre not paying attention to whats actually happening. They dont realize the person they voted for is an actually real bag of dicks.

  46. No we absolutely realize, problem is we're only given the option to choose out of a big bin of dick bags. The problem isn't just this one asshole, they all do this shit.

  47. Yeah, I don't blame America. I'm absolutely sure that Putin's plan was to mobilize convoys all over the western world and paralyze countries while he invaded Ukraine.

  48. Ones I talked to were convinced the whole Russia/Ukraine conflict was fake and just trying to distract us from problems at home. When I suggested it was the other way around it was like I broke their brain. They hadn't even thought about that possibility. In the end they still thought it was fake news, and I haven't talked with them since before the actually invasion so who knows what kind of spin they're putting on this now.

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