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  1. bro plz tell mods to unban me, i did not deserve this ban, what you guys are doing to me is honestly messed up what did i do to deserve this? calling out some weirdo creep and linking to his public social media page/ that isn't doxxing, you got to help me im looking out for armos.

  2. Azeris want peace. I hope both nations reach to a peace treaty, obey it and prosper. Both nations can coexist.

  3. Azeris want peace? Azerbaijan's government has sent "eco activists" to blockade 150,000 Armenians inside Artsakh, and the government is terrorizing the enclave by turning the gas on and off every single day. The government openly says that Armenians are inferior and must be exterminated. The lawyer's argument in the Hungary murder case as to why Ramil Seferov killed two Armenians was that the murder of Armenians in legal in Armenia. Don't tell me "well this is the government not the people" because the results posted by OP show that the Azeri youth pretty much says "yeah we want normalization, but no we don't want to live alongside them in Artsakh and no they cannot stay either". if a second armenian genocide started tomorrow, half of azerbaijan would applaud it and the rest would be be apathetic.

  4. A reminder that the OP/author has made these anti-Armenian, sexist and creepy statements from his public figure profile page

  5. The removed comment above is a violation of Reddit site-wide policy. It is being posted here for all to see, and violation is grounds for an instant ban.

  6. He is a self-proclaimed public figure, trying to post his articles for clout, and the public deserves to know about his creepy and sexist vibes in Armenia. I am just reposting his comments from his public page. Fuck you guys for construing this as a violation of reddit policy. I see screenshots of tweets on this website every god damn day.


  8. oh this airhead. he has been living in an armenian village for 5 years, and his instagram is so bad. He gets only 2 or 3 likes total for each post. He pretends that he is this genius guy and he is always talking shit like armenians do this wrong armenians are like this and that. He is also a misogynist.

  9. Your "Aliyev can lie so we can lie too." is the most childish comment I have ever read from Armenian guy. You low the bar for others))

  10. what is the lie? all 3 are azeris. did you have teachers in school to teach u how to think?

  11. Next time just don't change the heading of the article. It isn't hard and what is mindblowing to me is it is apparently so hard for ya'll to just say: "My bad, I'll fix that."

  12. nahh im not fixing shit and im not apologizing for writing a fuckin title instead of word for word copying and pastig the article head.

  13. such a thin skinned government they always whine like a bitch over nothing and then go ahead and execute civilians and pretend like theyre doing nothing wrong

  14. In the end csto and the eu will observe each other

  15. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aper inchem yes xndum sra vra hents mi hat patkeratsru

  16. Գրելա, Ճարտարապետական համալսարան

  17. գիտեմ, նկատի ունեմ, որ նամակ ուղարկեն համալսարան.

  18. the daisy cutter is a good APA did you try it? i remember it being hazy and just reeks of citrus, pine needles, flowers and mint. it was smooth and didnt leave a strong after taste like other pale ales like IPA's

  19. of those two, chicago is the better option if you are worried about the job market

  20. really you wouldnt be startled if a man leaned up against your body from behind, put his mouth against your ear and grunted?

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