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  1. What? Someone literally just posted about one a while ago. Do u wanna join?

  2. He looks like any generic old Caucasian lookin dude with white hair

  3. Looks good! This gives me a headache to look at tho lol

  4. Tell me how your repressed memories of your upbringing are being projected onto the donuts.

  5. Or better yet. Make him blue and call him Sonario! Perhaps start a webcomic???

  6. Not a tv show but I just can’t get back into Homestar Runner anymore. I used to straight up memorize Strong bad emails as a kid but now it just feels like endless internal references.

  7. Not talking about the middle one? It either has one eye or the swirl is on its side lolol

  8. In the first pic, one leg appears bigger than the other but other than that it’s really good! I don’t mean to hyperfixate on imperfection.

  9. How did you go from. 3rd to 4th pic? I’m new at this

  10. I would love a click and point game like this

  11. No dude you flip it three times and the hdmi port switches to usb

  12. Sheer force, diverse movepool, important resistances, stealth rock utility and stealth rock resistance, immunities to paralysis and toxic,

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