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  1. 1800 tons was small, even by 1942 standards. Liberty vessels were carrying 10,000+ tons, and were considered 'medium' sized.

  2. Yes I did know it was small even for that era. I just have no sense of how long it would take to unload, nor the time required to get into the port, then to get pierside, then to depart again after it’s offloaded…

  3. Hard to say without knowing the cargo. Vehicles take up a lot of room, cant generally be stacked and are faster to unload than nothing but crates

  4. “International Constantinopolitan State”? Lmao if that isn’t the most “sheltered midwit liberal” shit imaginable.

  5. What’s bm2/c? Never seen that notation before

  6. Just BM2 is the standard. BM1 for first class, BMC for chief. BM is rate/mos 3/2/1/C/CS/CM is rank.

  7. They’re all allies except for B*ngus. Floppa’s biggest allies are Sogga and Plinka.

  8. Oh, I thought body armor, because glorious Russland outplayed filthy smelly west once again by not wearing body armor after degenerate nato developed better bullets

  9. Just the absolute shittiest meme ever made. Such a weak attempt. A potemkin meme. A vague gesture at a meme. It is T-I-G-E-R-S tier.

  10. I've shit my pants, but this is unprecedented.

  11. 80-90% of Germany’s combat losses in WW2 occurred on the Eastern Front. That part of the war was so big and so bloody that, even if it was considered its own war separate from the rest of WW2, it would still be the second largest and second bloodiest conflict in human history.

  12. Ohhh yes, the pipes/steam burns thing is a good call. Hadn’t even thought of that.

  13. Torpedo hits tend to buckle hulls. If they were standing they'd have broken leg(s). If not they'd have been thrown against the top of a berth or ceiling.

  14. This one basically atomized the entire first 1/3 of the ship. Smith was the assistant engineering officer and he wasn’t in the engineering spaces or on the bridge, therefore he was almost certainly the only survivor from the forward berthing areas.

  15. The claim that transsexual or “non-binary” identities were commonly accepted prior to European hegemony is mostly pseudo-history. These were present in a few hunter-gatherer cultures, but by no means all. The “gender binary” is a product of biological fact, and historically most cultures- indigenous or otherwise- did not question this.

  16. My guess is that that they were Polish. A fairly large “free” Polish contingent fought for the Allies in Italy.

  17. Interestingly, Ukraine actually had nukes. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a rather significant number of nukes were left in Ukraine. Ukraine chose to surrender them to Russia for destruction. I can't find evidence of this online, but I thought I read once that Russia promised to never invade Ukraine.

  18. They actually didn’t. They were Russian nukes, under Russian control, that happened to be on Ukrainian soil for several years following dissolution of the USSR. Common misconception.

  19. I wish this sub had some measure of active moderation so dumb shit like this could be deleted immediately.

  20. Tankies be weird. No fucking clue what the hell is going on in their minds.

  21. Thank you! And yes, I have. They actually helped me get started by providing a hard drive’s worth of research material obtained from other authors. Using that as my starting point, I then organized it and more than tripled its size by adding documents that I’ve found via my own research. This entails everything from US Navy interviews with survivors, to newspaper articles from the 1940’s, and more. At the end of the process I plan on “returning” it to the museum in its final form.

  22. I'd be happy to help you with proofreading or anything else you might need. I know a lot of people who love local history and I don't know of any that have focused on the U-boats.

  23. Always looking for assistance! PM me your email if you’d like to help. Thank you!

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