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  1. So what I'm getting out of this is that many people in Switzerland are probably bilingual?

  2. In my eyes "The Hollow Knight" is the title that describes a specific vessel, not the function it serves.

  3. I can't since i'm playing on a Switch

  4. Oh. My bad, I didn't see the "I can't use mods." :/

  5. um if they're so personal, why make a scene depicting them directly and then moan about how people aren't supposed to look at it lol . some things could be left as "implied" rather than showing the full thing if they think "they are too personal" and it'll hurt the sentiments of those related to monroe. just sayin. Her statement just shows that she doesn't know how the internet works

  6. Sounds more like a decision the writers or the director would make, not the actress.

  7. There are no winners in a nuclear war.

  8. At least it wasn't a he, right? Right?

  9. There is always a way back. If you're stuck or at a dead end, there will always be at least one path out. It can be the one you came from, or a new on you'll have to find. It's (almost) impossible to soft lock yourself.

  10. Well one time I somehow got blown away and got stuck in a wall, had to let the monster kill me before I could play normally XD.

  11. Well, that's not quite what I meant, but fair enough. XD

  12. While i do agree, i think it’s pretty stupid to go under a post which asks help and say “just keep playing!!!” I played troughout the whole game blindly and had a blast, but if someone asks for help “just keep playing” its kind of a dumb answer to me

  13. Crystal Crawler, Durandoo or Duranda?

  14. Never saw this meme template before. Why is a dude giving a German suplex to a deer?

  15. May I ask how many attempts it took you? So I know how bad I should feel...

  16. Oh enough, don't worry. I died to the crystal shooting thingies inside the descending-dark room twice. One time in the pogo section in deepnest onnmy way to the vessel fragment and then one time (which i don't really count) i died to that giant husk right before the false knight loll

  17. That... doesn't sound like to many! I've died to all those things multiple times. And more! But my latest run I've gotten the farthest so far, with Deepnest all done, and I haven't died (yet)!

  18. Focusing on transitioning to electric transportation and renewable energy is definitely a good thing, but is this the right way to do it?

  19. You just know the media is going to make a ruckus out of it because "elon bad"

  20. This title already makes it sound like it was intentional...

  21. Yes just keep it to he/she or they if you feel like you are more than 1 person

  22. "they" can actually also be singular

  23. No, they'd probably get explosive diarrhea though.

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