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  1. Unfortunately: profits over people. That's the name of the game across the board.

  2. Well, kind of but it's more complicated than that.

  3. "If I'm a business owner and I'm guaranteed a certain amount of business then I no longer have to worry about innovation and quality. So, it isn't so much about profit as it is a means to life easier for CEO's."

  4. Guaranteed business does not equate to more profit, it just means a guaranteed amount of revenue. As we've seen in recent history, you can have government contracts and all sorts of legislation protecting your business and still drive it in to the ground.

  5. Yes, you got robbed, but you robbed yourself and gave the money away to someone that didn't need it.

  6. Honestly. It was my entire motivation. Coming from a background of poverty in East Germany, this was my way out. Was just by coincidence that I actually totally love doing it.

  7. Not many people, especially in the US, have the mentality that you do.

  8. Yo yall gotta stop making fun of this shit for real. Welcome to 2022 where we are in a world wide crisis and you expect a discount. Wake up. Nvidia announced 2 days ago that shit is real and prices are going up on everything. Yall think that was some joke or something? A bunch of us have stressed all month that you should buy if u can, now. and i still stress if you are after something you should get it now. A 10th,11th or 12th gen. Shit is about to get even more here soon just wait. THE SHORTAGE IS GETTING WORSE. THEY SAID THIS. DONT EXPECT PRICES TO GO DOWN ON PC'S WHILE CAR MANUFACTURERS, HOSPITALS, SMALL ELECTRONICS, AIR INDSUTRY AND EVERYONE else fights for these chips.


  10. Yeah $40-60 off the 2.5x MSRP prices is really going "down". haha nah were screwed

  11. It didn't here by jumping to 2.5x the MSR overnight, it won't go down overnight.

  12. Lol, I thought the same thing but all kidding aside. My fil has an f250 Harley Davidson edition, but he runs around town in a mini.

  13. Are you using a hub or just connecting the monitors directly to the laptop?

  14. i have them connected straight to the laptop. one is with an hdmi 2.1 cable and the other is a display port 1.4, both run at the full 144hz and 1440p which is nice.

  15. I just bought an Asus G15 and was trying to figure out how I wanted to connect it to my monitors. I was thinking of doing the same thing as I couldn't find a good docking station or hub that I wanted to buy for it.

  16. Whatever you need. A si. Ple usb-c to HDMI will be enough.

  17. Only thing I can think of would be usb ports and rj45 would probably be nice if the laptop doesn't come with one already.

  18. That's my credit union, I use them for everything.

  19. The best option is a student credit building card. The limits are low to prevent large spending sprees and it will help build his credit history. If the default limits are still too high, you should be able to request for the limits be lowered to a level that you're comfortable with.

  20. My credit union does offer a secured card, I wonder if they have an age limit. He's almost 14, but maybe they have other student benefits as well.

  21. You can get the Legion 7 RTX 3070 for that price right now if the coupon still works. Got mine for 30% off.

  22. It's normal if you have too much going on at once.

  23. I am coming from a 13 also. I’m a computer science student. So I dont know which to get

  24. I'm a dev with the 14" for work I don't mind it but would prefer the 16" just because I'm older, eyesight isn't the best and also I just like more screen.

  25. Oof, glad you are ok. Good luck with everything - when my son hit a deer the insurance person said that if he'd tried missing the deer and ran off the road they wouldn't have covered it. You never know till it goes through the claim process though.

  26. ◽️ Budget: $1600 - $1800 max if the hardware difference is worth the cost.

  27. Would prefer 32Gb RAM, but I can add that later.

  28. MSI customer service is notoriously bad. If anything goes wrong with that laptop (and it will) getting them to help you will be akin to pulling teeth. As a PC builder/repairer and someone who runs a gaming cafe that used majority MSI parts in the past, we probably spent over 200k with them and the CS agent James from Australia was an absolute nightmare to deal with. He was arrogant and basically said he didn’t care. GPUs failed a few days out of 1 year warranty and they refused to even consider fixing/replacing.

  29. That's good to know, I guess things have changed. The last gaming desktop I built was all MSI parts. The graphics card failed but they sent me a replacement. I don't remember how long I'd had it but it seemed like it had been awhile and I was surprised.

  30. I went back to school at 37, got my first job at 39, graduated at 40 and at 43 I'm still working.

  31. I told my 9 week old she's a spoiled little princess and she got mad at me. I'm starting to think she may not know what I said but somehow she understood it.

  32. It's low voltage so it doesn't really matter. Just throw a wire nut or a piece of electrical tape over the end if it makes you feel better.

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