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  1. I'd calculate your draw length then see what bows offer that draw length. Find 2-3 bows in your price point. They will probably be from different manufacturers. Then look at reviews online and find the good and bad about them. Lastly, try to find a bow shop that has some in stock and actually handle them. Then pay the man and take home your new bow.

  2. Unless the broadheads are awfully crooked (not the case if they are consistently left or right, etc.) your bow needs tuning BAD.

  3. It's bugged on mobile. With the normal map size you seem to always get it. With the larger map size it cuts it off/bugs out and won't show you.

  4. I love elitists...I think mostly because I just like pissing people off that think their opinion matters.

  5. I tend to stay in the 6-10 range. Anything less and quality control seems to lack. Anything more and I don't really feel like I'm getting what I pay for. Except for a few outliers.

  6. No body knows or cares what your fish weigh. And anyone trying to guess is wildly off. They look like hogs though. Good shit.

  7. Sorry that story got a little detailed. I was trying to express that I suck down cigs and still get a nice buzz from a cigar. I started smoking cigars when fishing from the bank for catfish since that requires some sitting around. Even the milder cigars gove me enough of a buzz I only smoke 2 of them over the course of 4-6 hours and don't feel a need for a cig because of the buzz that I get from the cigars.

  8. Catfishing in case you were not aware has taken on a different definition in modern times :)

  9. Sadly I know. The real catfishing reddit gets posts all the time about girls and the whole thing. I usually tell them to count the spines on the dorsal fin and the poster usually doesn't understand lol.

  10. If it reflects it has been polished to a mirror. I'm no elitist though and stop at a 5k stone.

  11. I think I would recommend them to the lansky or similar guided system. This way you could use stones to set the geometry and finish it on the system. This way the edge will have the proper angle and all you need to do is show them which slot on the guided system to use.

  12. Brother has done it on a darn whopper plopper! They have to be reaction bites right??

  13. I could answer, but better not since I’m not a professional.

  14. Shit. I'm in the same boat as you. Might as well fish while we wait? 🎣

  15. I’m not a professional boater, so I’m not sure I’m allowed in the boat.

  16. It's ok. My good friend Miguel is a professional boater. We just need to be professional passengers to get onto the boat. Just bring your paperwork and poles! You do have your professional fishermen and professional passenger paperwork with you right?!?!

  17. Most common jerkbait size I been using is 3.5 inches,

  18. It sounds like a larger paddle tail may help out. If you have a lot of open water try a whopper plopper 120 or larger. My brother only throws the 190's and he consistently catches 20"+ small mouths

  19. Sadly I don't got much top water anymore, but I'm getting more SPs soon and if I got enough left while I'm at it I'll grab some top water. Thanks for the advice man I appreciate it.

  20. I have always done terrible on top water. But plopper have thankfully changed that for me

  21. I strop my edges on my flip flops dry and that seems to help a lot with getting a nicer finish on an edge from a 5K stone. I would think if you did the same with just a strop you would see similar results.

  22. Alcohol and cigars are disgusting. Fun fact alcohol actually deteriorates you protective mucous layer so the cigar smoke is much more damaging.

  23. Exactly! Now if the gf would stop looking at me funny with my coconut bay breeze we'd be in business!

  24. Keep making cuts like that and people will start calling you for their briss!

  25. Echo this. My favorite days are ones with spotty rain....remember the fish don't mind getting a little wet!

  26. As others have said tenkara for streams is interesting. Telescoping poles will work as well as those funny backpacking poles. Hell when we go kayaking we have been taking ice fishing poles and catching bass on them.

  27. Big fish = big lure, small fish = small lure. They are fish and they eat what they can.

  28. I did something similar back in the day. I would tie rope around two trees so it made an oval. Then just tri-fold a tarp over it. This is what I used on every camping trip. Sticks can simply be shoved in by the head and feet to keep the ropes seperated and give more of a lay flat platform.

  29. Amber glasses (or equivalent) on rainy days. Gray or equivalent on sunny days. I have prescription glasses. I went for amber because I prefer to fish overcast days. Also amber is good for driving in the rain. Polarized always.

  30. Second for amber. If you want to get down to it google different lens colors for fishing and make an informed decision that way.

  31. They look awesome. I'd be interested to see one where the wrap around the head is that black/blue sparkly shimmer stuff. Sorry for my lack of vocabulary but that's the best I got lol.

  32. Looks like a flathead to me, channels don't quite look like that. Probably a record either way! (Hard to guess weight and length from the posted pics)

  33. If it's a rapala I think it'll say what model on the bill of the lure? My first thought was a yo-zuri....maybe a larger version of their pins minnow?

  34. Absolutely unbelievable. That is the EXACT lure. Thank you so freaking much dude

  35. Hey at least my brain was good for something today! Those are amazing lures. Either jerk it back or a slow steady retrieve and they kill it. Glad you got it figured out!

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