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  1. Given how the left wing praises Trudeau, I’m assuming she means the glorious sort of ‘democracy’ that China has.

  2. There’s going to be people that are unsure and people that want him to run again so a Republican win is assured.

  3. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew.

  4. that just kinda sounds like light cannibalism that i doubt even gollum would enjoy… but slay!

  5. You could say that meat’s back on the menu.

  6. Had the same thing happen to me the other day. Pretty sure it’s the general pro-life sentiment.

  7. She’s calling herself ‘the Planet’ now?

  8. works both ways, reading some news articles you'd think Ukraine is closing in on Moscow now

  9. True. Just looking at the predictions almost everyone was making in the lead up.

  10. Australia send in their SAS, I’m guessing?

  11. This brings back memories. I watched the first bit of CSI: Miami a few times just to see what the line would be.

  12. She does the same if Ash is there, doesn’t she?

  13. Take the private island, rent it out, and use the proceeds to buy more than 1.2 million clone troopers over time.

  14. Last played X-COM 2, so I think I’m getting processed by the Advent.

  15. Is AOC good at anything other than grandstanding?

  16. I hear he’s promised tax cuts for every manufacturer of finglongers.

  17. I know this is meant in terms of the Holocaust and war crimes, but I find the notion of someone thinking that the Nazis didn’t kill anyone bar Jews during all the fighting in WW2 to be kind of hilarious.

  18. Boris has got to be the biggest disappointment of all the prominent and successful conservative politicians.

  19. Because apartheid is just that much better than nazism

  20. What apartheid? Israel doesn’t have that.

  21. Amnesty clasifies the treatment of palestinians as apartheid fyi.

  22. Palestinians live in Palestine, under their own government. Arabs in Israel have full rights.

  23. After decades of claiming abstinence isn't a realistic way to prevent pregnancy, they now admit that it is.

  24. Have they seriously been claiming that? There’s millenia of history that shows otherwise.

  25. Was the April start a thought out choice based on the fact that the waters are calmer then, or was it just random?

  26. You ever want to entertain yourself? Go to that sub and lurk. You'll be amazed but all the things that trigger them.

  27. In that case he either didn’t know about it in advance and made his own plans for lunch, or he did know about it in advance and didn’t bother asking for something specific.

  28. So far as I can tell, the only thing she does well is grandstand.

  29. I always interpreted this as he introduced himself as Lord Voldemort, I vaguely recall Dumbledore stating it was a name he had already started using in school.

  30. Did he use that name in front of other students? If so, why did he not get laughed at and mocked? And why doesn’t everyone know that he’s Riddle?

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