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  1. I miss Wednesday night dinners at my grandparents house. Even as a child I knew it couldn’t last forever.

  2. The concept of communism is much like that of most HOAs

  3. I prepare mentally, I focus on the challenge ahead, then I just lean back and let it happen.

  4. It looks like it mechanically failed, they’re going backward. There is some sort of emergency brake that failed.

  5. Ahhh, so it’s likely moving on gravity. That makes sense. There’s no stopping that.

  6. I once met an old Vietnamese man who told me he was Buddha. I met another man who had the highest level of security clearance in area 51, I met another man who used to know Bonnie and Clyde when he was child. I also had and old friend when I was a kid who was a Holocaust survivor. There had the numbers on his arm. I met another man who was born in Oklahoma before it became a state. It was what they called Indian Territory.

  7. I think the secret secret service thing is pretty common. I worked with a guy that said anytime he goes under anesthesia there has to be a secret service agent by his side in case he starts talking. He was a dishwasher.

  8. I had an aunt who was secret service. I don’t know much about it.

  9. Almost as good as my dry aged parakeet brisket, and braised fish tongue.

  10. This kind of activity feeds this mentality.

  11. I hit a snag in my career that caused me to loose everything. I was homeless. I decided to change my career altogether, so I took a job at a large plastics factory as a maintenance technician. I worked very hard to learn the equipment very well. One day the owner asked for the best technician to go to another site to troubleshoot. They flew me on the corporate private jet to Vegas to fix a production line. That day was the day that I knew I was on my way. I’ve been with this company for 18 years now, and they take very good care of me.

  12. If it was facing the other way, It would be the Greek letter Pi

  13. well if it was flat then it would be that letter from the other side right?

  14. I Was thinking that. That maybe it was intended for the other person and not the OP

  15. I think the Anasazi were the first people to make corn tortillas.

  16. Absolutely! I love spicy foods because of the flavor of spicy things such as the different peppers.

  17. Accelerant on foot + match = fire on foot? She looked surprised.

  18. I think it's supposed to be a trick. Wet foot/cover with aloe gel, put some alcohol on it, light alcohol, it burns off without hurting you.

  19. That could have easily been a dislocated knee

  20. Be careful with you’re alcohol consumption. You can become a slave to it.

  21. I have a friend (former boss) who has become a drinker in retirement. Old age and alcohol is a bad combination.

  22. When I was a child many years ago my dad beat me awake with a belt. I’m 50 and I remember like it was yesterday.

  23. People in this subreddit often act like diarrhea is as bad as gout…I don’t get it. When it comes to me, i would rather have loose stools than gout in any variation

  24. I’m with you there, spraying out the butt is far better than excruciating gout.

  25. The squirts are awful, but not as bad as gout. We take the lesser of two evils.

  26. This happened to me. I moved out 30 years ago. I was only making $5.96 per hour. On Once i moved, my parents never came to visit me to make sure I was ok. I lived 4 miles away. One day I needed money for food, so I asked my mother if I could borrow $5. She said no. It wasn’t long after that, that I pretty much never heard from them again. My dad will text sometimes, but it’s only a few words, my mom will send maybe one text per year, which I usually ignore. They physically and mentally abused me horribly as a child and then they left me.

  27. Any steak that’s cooked correctly

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