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  1. Anyone else even know Pacsun was still...a store?

  2. I guess the X factor in all of this is Austin's desire to run the race team day to day. Maybe it's just not what he wants to do long term and they've tried to find a worthy replacement for him in the plans.

  3. Austin is currently "running" the PBR team that RC owns. It was stated publicly that it was an entry into learning how to run a sports entity for the future of running RCR. I haven't heard or read anything to make me thing KB is in the wings for an ownership stake there. None of us have a clue one way or the other, but doesn't seem like something that's happening.

  4. I know there is a NASCAR merch sub but hear me out...

  5. I love both these ideas. Especially something laying out the content in the off season. I have a long list but I'm sure there's still stuff I'm missing out on.

  6. Both Talladega races, Atlanta 2, North Wilkesboro, and maybe Nashville

  7. There's no clear way to fix it that I see. Even if you make it 3 races...what stops a driver from crushing the first 2 and have a completely dull championship race? I personally would feel better about who ultimately won, but then the people in charge are going to be unhappy the season didn't culminate in some big to-do.

  8. I meant a clear way that would possibly happen

  9. I don’t get why NBC isn’t showing this live tomorrow, since it’s only going to be on Peacock anyway. I get the Saturday broadcast will be edited to some extent, but the beauty of a streaming service is there are no time constraints. Let fans see it live then show the edited one later if you want.

  10. Wait this isn't even on tv? My gosh...the way NBC handles Nascar & Peacock baffles me

  11. May be a wild take, but if they’d kept it going it was going to revolutionize NASCAR media.

  12. Havent debt payments been paused for like the last two years? Any reason you paid it during that time?

  13. The full payment goes toward the principal, so you can pay it off much quicker.

  14. I suppose that's good. My buddy has just been setting aside the money he would have paid into it, so he can pay it off if it resumes, but right now has that side money making some interest

  15. That's what I'm doing. I'm prepared to pay it off, but don't want to if they are just going to turn around and forgive everyone else's anyway. We'll pay for it regardless, either all in one sum or over years with taxes lol.

  16. Chase Elliott is the only 15+ wins level great driver I can think of who hasn't won one but he could easily do it eventually.

  17. It's always shocked me how he never got a handle on Darlington

  18. If you're curious for more Earnhardt knowledge, watch the documentary "Dale". It's honestly worth purchasing the little box set it comes in if you ever find it on a good price.

  19. Man I'm sure they just love random people telling them how to spend their money

  20. It's the offseason...what else are we supposed to do?

  21. Look through other threads and make sure your topic hasn't already been discussed 40 other times idk. This is all I see on here anymore its getting annoying.

  22. You mean you don't want to see another post with the YouTube video explaining the engineering in nascar? lol

  23. One thing I will throw out as far as the question about the 6 year old is concerned. With my experience taking my son to stuff like this...the fact it's indoors, hella loud, and full of race fuel and smoke...mine wouldn't like it. With that said, when I was 6 I was already being drug around the southeast to all sorts of events and loved it. My son however hates anything loud. So it's just up to what your 6 year old can tolerate.

  24. What do you find confusing about the schedule on the website?

  25. To the untrained eye, a big dirt event schedule can be very overwhelming and confusing.

  26. The whole thing seemed super weird. The response from him and the team after, then saying nothing on the car messed up, then said it did, then it didn't.

  27. This. You could also make an argument for Biffle during his last years at Roush.

  28. Yeah. Would've been amazing to see him in some different equipment.

  29. Isn’t that like life in general? The less popular things go for less.

  30. No kidding. I sometimes miss my Braves being a mediocre team. We could get tickets any night on first base line for $30. Now I'm in it $200-$300 for 2 of those seats.

  31. Preece. Hoping the 41 isn’t actually a bad car

  32. Came here for that one. I can't wait to see what he can do in a decent ride

  33. For anyone that cares, the first batch of podcast episodes of "Dinner with Racers" dropped yesterday for this winter. Great 2 part interview with Townsend Bell too.

  34. I got bored and flipped on the Coke 600 from this year. I couldn't make it past 20 laps before I had to flip it because Clint kept rambling on about something that Jamie Mac had already touched on. Like he was competing for how many words are spoken during the race. It's like...he knows what he wants to say, what he should say, and how he should say it. But something happens when he goes to speak and it comes out some jumbled up ramble that doesn't even make sense half the time.

  35. He also got super antagonistic with so many broadcasters last year, I just fuckin muted the broadcast, watched visually and put in men or prn to give commentary. Clint is insufferable

  36. Yeah. I really noticed it with Jamie in the booth. There were times you really could hear Jamie call out Clint about something, or properly explain something Clint had just spent 5 minutes puking words about. Like he was going out of his way to show the producers "I should have this job, not Clint". It's taken me from being the biggest "Fox Nascar" homer to now dreading the race coverage.

  37. Talk about the penthouse and the outhouse...

  38. Same as many others, Craven Busch Darlington 2003. Watching with my parents, great memory. Just like Chastain at Martinsville this year, its crazy realizing the moment you saw was one of those things that will be talked about for decades.

  39. I had to listen to that one on the radio in my dads truck. It was wild getting home and finally seeing it and realizing it was even more amazing than how I envisioned it in my head.

  40. May not fully fit the criteria here...but watching something like Ricky Rudd's heel-toe footwork at a road course is one of the most impressive "skill" moves I've ever seen.

  41. Well that would look good in my shop...

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