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  1. You can see what bitewing games they are doing.

  2. If you take it to the pawn shop, they'll tell you what it is according to my knowledge based on TV

  3. I love the "Got to make sure things fit in your bag" aspect, I haven't seen that done before and thought wow so simple but brilliant, peaked my interest from there.

  4. Chronicles of avel also does it for example

  5. Are Macao and Bora Bora worth 70-80 dollars/euros each?

  6. There is the new reimplantation of both by queen games with a different name, if you want them just wait for a sale as Queen new prices are really high.

  7. The change of colour of the back is because the river tiles have a different colour as they are just to be played at the beginning of the game so they are not to be mixed with the others

  8. None, play the ones that you already have

  9. Problem is not the amount but the distribution of notes. That's where the gameplay is adjusted.

  10. Where can I order board games online? I need shipping in Europe (not EU tho). I'm looking to buy Cthulhu: Death May Die, but no one carries it around here where I live and I don't wanna make a five hour trip to get it elsewhere.

  11. Now I gotta look up what Dice Realms is. Is newer always better??

  12. No in this case, there are fairly different in term of complexity

  13. Is Dice Realms that $200 giant box I see at my local store?

  14. Just picked up a couple games that seem like they flew under the radar: Miyabi and Castello Methoni. Anyone have experiences with them to share? Not a ton of discussion of either one online but they both look great.

  15. I love miyabi, it has included a few variants in the base box so a lot of variability.

  16. Are there any games that are a combination of area control and worker placement? I'm thinking about something where players have limited actions available to them that they need to contest over but also that controlling a certain region of the map unlocks extra benefits or produces extra points toward their victory condition.

  17. Mombasa and its reimplementation. They are exactly as you describe

  18. There is no in game text, but there is text of the name locations in the map for example.

  19. What are people thinking about coal baron? I never played the original and I think K&K are good designers, but like a lot of the comments in the KS, I think asking over 100$ for what looks to be a 50$ game because you're forced to have generic metal coins and a play mat is a tall ask. I also happen to think the UV printed Meeples are ugly as sin, and I'm very confused that the resource cubes appear to be KS exclusives? The game has piqued my interest, but the campaign has extinguished it with vigour

  20. I like coal baron the card game but I got it for like $10. I'm not gonna check the difference and pay $100

  21. I have played a lot of Digital Race for the Galaxy. It scares me as a physical game though.

  22. Jump drive is the smallest for the galaxy, you can start with that one

  23. As an ex-professional board game explainer, my PRO tip is to bring an actual 6 player game to a 6 player game night.

  24. What if her boyfriends were included in the original 6 group?

  25. I am intrigued by Fantasy Realms, as it seems like a rather old game that is getting a number of current re-releases. But it seems very... non-strategic. Draw, discard, five turns later the game's over. Seems more reliant on luck than anything.

  26. Marvel remix is the new reimplementation of the game.

  27. Hello I am looking for a board game recommendation from the community to play with my gf and including my parents. We are willing to try new game mechanics besides really heavy deck/engine builders such as Terraforming mars.

  28. What is a good 2 player game where one person has to play one handed?

  29. You can also get a table card holder

  30. Hey y’all, which version of Carcassone should I get? I’m looking at either the 20th anniversary edition or just the base (with rivers/abbot).

  31. That's the answer that you are looking for

  32. Gift for a friend who isn't necessarily a gamer but enjoys murder mystery/true crime?

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