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Trying to get antidepressants so I can function normally. Everything I make goes to rent, and I can’t afford to move, and make 13 an hour while working 40+ hours and taking on double shifts. This is the “discounted” price of my meds. How tf is this discounted?

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  1. I saw this post 2 days ago and thought about it many times since.

  2. Few locals wear those hats. Only tourists, and country music singers. Nashville is Tennessee, not Texas.

  3. Besides the obvious ones? (Caring, funny, faithful, good communicator, honest, ect.)

  4. I think you meant to respond to someone else. Anyway, I wouldn't tell any woman that you play video games that often, at least not in the beginning. Unless she's a gamer herself.

  5. That is very helpful to know! And now that I read this, I bet gaming strikes a lot of women the same way. Eeeek!

  6. I am an INTJ. For reasons I am still trying to understand and accept, which were associated with my upbringing and my powerful religious experiences as a teen, I went into pastoral ministry. INTJ in ministry. I spent the time from 16 to 30 years old in pastoral ministry as a chaplain. By sheer force of will, I: 1) Pushed myself to behave like an extrovert, 2) gulped down the embarrassment and confusion of my young social awkwardness, 3) learned how to read and care for other's emotions, and 4) learned how to manage social situations well.

  7. What happens is this. Marriage is this shape at the center of our lives. Everything attaches to it--our childhoods, how we were parented, our hopes and dreams, our careers, hollywood's presentations of happily ever after, our fears, our thoughts of old age, our thoughts (far in the future sometimes) of retirement, our own parenting, our dreams/hopes/struggles for our children, our insecurities, our lusts, our senses of mortality, our friendships, our finances. Everything. I picture these as little spokes poking off and connecting to other shapes, some connecting to others.

  8. You developers dare touch my perfect Valk!!!! I gave no such permission for these changes !

  9. I am sure TEVA Pharmaceuticals is happy with the publicity... the one person who noticed the manufacturer. :)

  10. You failed to mention the best source for affordable medication access...

  11. I will humbly accept the correction on my omission. However, my list was about medication access programs (free and discount), and FQs are not idea for med access (though wonderful for other purposes). Many FQs do not pass along 340b savings, which is less-than-honorable. But if they all would, I would have them on my list for medication access.

  12. Let me offer up a correction in what I said and let's only talk about Community Health Centers. I should not have rolled FQHCs into the discussion. I've never seen a CHC that had a pharmacy program that didn't pass the tremendous savings of 340B down to the patients.

  13. The vast majority of FQHC 340b pharmacies are contract for profit pharmacies. Contracted by FQHCs. The contract pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, etc.) pass on zero savings. 100% retail. I have yet to find a singular example among the 13,733 contract FQHC pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, etc) that pass along the savings.

  14. Best options for generic and branded meds., including insulin - A definitive list. I have worked my career on medication access...

  15. I have a million figs growing at my house in W Nashville. If you need some, you may help yourself. At a point in the season, I have already eaten the five per year that I am going to eat,and I leave the rest on the trees/bushes. Then the raccoons come and eat them. They are solid sugar.

  16. I would LOVEEEEE to take you up on this offer!!!! I will send you a DM :)

  17. Ok! I am back on Reddit. I see you PMed me! Replying now.

  18. Silo. One of the worst meals I've ever had, with bad service and a pair of people getting it on in the bathroom which we were seated next to.

  19. Awe man, I loved that place. Went several times with business guests. I thought they were good. Bummer to see them here.

  20. Ok, if you are a local, you might remember... Authentic Nashville Hot Chicken, which started off the hot chicken craze... at Princes Hot Chicken on Ewing Dr. 25 min wait to order. Then a 25 min wait to get your chicken. As you mill about the filthy restaurant or outside the restaurant where you get robbed 97 times because Ewing Drive on Dickerson Pike was more dangerous than flipping Beirut.

  21. Such madness takes place when we run out of bullets.

  22. This far down in the comments, you already know you won’t find any answers. Time to leave the thread.

  23. It really takes a ton of energy and time to heal from trauma. I would never knowingly watch a video like this. Not intentionally.

  24. Oh god, story time. Years and years ago when my son was just a toddler, we went on a short 5 min hike on a paved trail in Mt Juliet. We got back to the car, I buckled him in, and he said “why is there chocolate all over my penis?”. Confused, I took a peek, and he had a zillion of these on his genitals, so when we got home, I had to pick them off. And he is uncircumcised, so that made it even more fun. Never again!

  25. Friends, please check out permetherin spray. It is sold by Off and a few other companies. It is derived from chrysanthemums (actually a synthetic version of the same molecule from the flower) and it kills ticks dead. I have used it and tested it. Dropped a tick on a treated pair of pants. It writhed all over as it died. It is 100% deadly for ticks. Treat one pair of pants and some socks and shoes, and you are good for 10 washes and several years.

  26. Keep in mind that they mix kids with adults. I have been playing and have seen some really immature stuff. I just assume it is either a troubled 14 year old, or a well-adjusted 10 year old.

  27. I mean even if it's only somewhat effective I'll take anything to disrupt those drivers that seem to be bent on killing everyone that dares drive on I40.

  28. Are you one of those drivers in I40 hell-bent on killing everyone? I'm starting to think you are.

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