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my father set a password..... to the fucking thermostat

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  1. My cat did this and we found out there was a tiny bat living in a crack between the moulding and the wall.

  2. Can’t get to work/school today, a downed tree is blocking my car.

  3. I tried the Kroger brand pet pride and tasteful. They sniffed it and left. One is an outdoor cat and eats a lot of mice, birds, etc…, he’s always loved fancy feast but isn’t eating it any longer and the other was a feral kitten that lived off trash and prefers teriyaki, goldfish and American cheese. Cat food is not of his liking and he’s always eating the dog food.

  4. I’m sure Charles III wishes he had that hair tho.

  5. My dog had that and if you can’t take your cat to the vet right now, get some artificial tear drops to help lubricate the eye. They sell cat eye drops at petco or you can try Amazon Akorn Artificial Tears. Cats can only use artificial tears and nothing else if it’s over the counter. You need to get it looked at so they can give the cat an antibiotic and drops.

  6. Actually getting carpets done for the building today and I was curious what they were using. They used enzyme carpet and pre spot. Pre spotted and then used carpet cleaner/extractor.

  7. Thank you. I will see what I can find on the internet for enzyme and pre-spot. Our last resort is hiring an extractor machine.

  8. I have the same issue with my husband. Can’t touch the thermostat even though our family (me/kids) is home during the day in 100+ heat while he’s driving around in air conditioning. Ours is set at 80. Ridiculous.

  9. Mables does Karaoke but dont recall the night (Thursday I think). Gets pretty packed

  10. Is Mables the bar with a pool table near Bouquet and Seco in the shopping center with rite aid and across from the huge park? In the 90’s and early 2ks, it was know for Russian prostitutes.

  11. Thank you, that’s a great mall. We go there often and we’re hoping to find somewhere with more store and a variety of stores.

  12. I went to Area 51 with my brother back in the mid 90’s. We both took a lot of photos using a standard film SLR. Came home to get the film developed and all of our film from 3 different cameras were “erased” (overexposed), only developed a black nothing. Most of our photos were of the guys in white jeeps watching us with binoculars along the fence. They did drive up to us at one point and told us to leave. Not sure if they had some super magnet that erased our film or what.

  13. EU banned titanium dioxide in food products (stuff you eat), it’s not banned in medicinal products (toothpaste that you shouldn’t be eating) that use a small mixture % as a colorant.

  14. Oh yuck lol, my cats have killed 3 birds and a bunny so far this year, but at least they didn't bring them inside :P

  15. My cat brings all sorts of animals inside…. …mice, rats, lizards, birds, baby possum and a couple of bats. Most of the stuff is alive and we spend a lot of time trying to catch lizards, mice and rats. Mice are so fast but I’ve become a champion mice catcher and can usually save them before they become a meal. Sadly, he kills something everyday. He’s an efficient killer, appropriately named Jack the Rioper but we call him Jack. I’ve lost count of all the animals and that’s just the ones we see him with.

  16. Squirt him/her with water using a water bottle on stream.

  17. You gave Nudge a great life! He definitely looks well loved. I had a pet abruptly die, didn’t get to say goodbye, felt horrible for weeks, and I had to remind myself that my pet had an awesome life for the time we were together. I think about the way he was and he funny personality and the pain of the abrupt loss coupled with guilt of not being there for him when he passed has turned into fond memories. Time will help you heal but please go easy on yourself as I’m sure you gave Nudge an awesome life for his/her time here.

  18. I saw a hawk pick a cat up by the neck and then fly high up in the air and let it go. The cat fell to its death and the hawk chewed on it until a Turkey vulture showed up and took the carcass somewhere else.

  19. What’s the guy with the glasses do? He jumps in and then jumps out.

  20. Sushi Tanaka… outside of LA in Simi Valley (of all god forsaken places) in a strip mall. Best Omakase I have had outside of a Michelin Star in NY. He was a chef at Nobu… it’s way better than Nobu. $150 (or a more limited menu for less). Only a few seats in the place snd just him and his wife run the place. Need to make rez in advance as fills up quick. You are welcome.

  21. Geez, how old is this guy? They must live in one of those states where marrying middle schoolers is legal.

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