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  1. Fresh.I live by the port of LA.Everyday i see the intermodels more crushed everyday!

  2. bro where is this? on the floor? cant tell where this is at all but knowing this mf its underneath an overpass

  3. I know what kind of kicks "Aidz" wears in real life, they look pretty cool. - LA writer./anonymous

  4. Nice find. I saw Watt play 25 years later in that same fuckin gun pit

  5. Artie was a truck.He should have enjoyed his connections and enjoyed his dime piece wife!

  6. Love or hate Ralph you gots to admit Joey Pants was the most entertaining character on the show.

  7. LA is big ,CHAKA it is rare him hitting up in my part of the city by the port

  8. I’ve seen SCRIPT before, had no idea he had passed :(

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