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Microsoft to acquire Activision in 67billion dollar deal


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  1. Are u asking if Fc3 has a new game +? Or are you asking if u can free roam after you beat the game? Cus the answer is no, and yes

  2. the op is asking can you continue to play the game if you join citra (in other words can you free roam if you choose the bad ending?)

  3. Realistically, The Switch isn't really powerful enough to run the game at any meaningful resolution, Unless they dump everything to the lowest setting it can go to and even then it'd probably be a stretch, Hell the Trilogy struggles to run well enough on the Switch.

  4. The Switch can run Witcher 3 and that is a more graphically demanding game than GTA V a game made for Xbox 360 and PS3

  5. No living thing should ever touch Apollo 13 (1995), To Kill a MockingBird (1962), All Quiet on the Western front (1930) and the Back to the Future Trilogy

  6. Either Under Development Remastered (for those who don't know it's one of MDickie's lesser known games on PC but the premise is basically like popcorn where instead of making movies your making video games.)

  7. Free Games only. I would never buy a game directly from epic

  8. WAW in Masterpiece but MW2019 in Okay tier? It's your opinion but I dunno pal...

  9. I wasn't a fan of the multiplayer in modern warfare honestly.

  10. hey man, what is the name of the gale with the spy woman in the master piece tier pls ? I played it a while back but can't get my head to find it.

  11. how y'all feel now that expanded and enhanced is new cars with pc graphics. Keep in mind this got delayed 5 months lol

  12. The Physical Copy of Expanded and Enhanced doesn't even a map. That itself just explains the state of rockstar right now.

  13. I'm waiting for the day Rockstar mentions VI so the internet can break

  14. Was this game originally gonna have dismemberment?

  15. I guess Command and Conquer Red Alert 2? (I do have the game I just haven't completed it yet)

  16. Bobby is probably getting his reality check now from that buyout

  17. As this rate they will end up buying Take Two and EA

  18. As long as it isn't Los Santos or Liberty City then I'm fine

  19. Combat for middle earth Shadow of war was just sweet

  20. The moment I heard Arthur say i gave you all I had I burst into tears

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