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  1. You know what Eastern Europe is famous for? Tolerance and functioning democracy

  2. Hey now they’re real tolerant of their failing democracy.

  3. I haven’t had a good porterhouse in a while

  4. Bassist Hounds are the most centrist of pets.

  5. yeah i wonder if we will see a larger exodus of people moving from there to here (pnw) as this gets worse and worse

  6. From what I heard, bread in the USA is really shity, John Harris has a good vídeo about it:

  7. That depends entirely on the brand of bread you eat. But the shitty bread is what poor Americans eat. It like the “All American beer is shit” idea, America makes some of the best beer in the world. It’s just not called Budweiser.

  8. If you really push it and stay there for hours, the police could pull you over to ensure you’re ok.

  9. Castro, and Guevara are contemporary leaders they aren’t from “back then”. So is Churchill.

  10. The meme doesn’t make sense, the US is Chinas toy because we did something they didn’t like?

  11. All of those are acceptable uses for the potato. Another acceptable use, taunting the Irish.

  12. The EC was meant to be an abstraction of the will of the voting population of each state, you originally voted for the Electoral College directly. It was later tinkering that fucked it up.

  13. Maybe the Biden administration is signaling a challenge to Maybury v. Madison

  14. Absence of unnatural constraint is freedom. Having to work to survive is not oppression it’s reality.

  15. You don’t get praise for killing Nazis when you helped the Nazis carve up Poland in the first place.

  16. I think only 2 people worked on s4. It was a passion project from my understanding.

  17. Bullshit, Blizzard is a large corporation selling its products at a premium price. They need to have a premium quality product to back that up.

  18. And the ACLU finally admits it’s abandoned all of its founding principles.

  19. Can someone explain how does tax actually work in the US? Do people like Trumpet and Melon paying the same amount for their wealth?

  20. Lottery winnings are taxed as a prize, and that’s taxed at a much higher rate then income, or capital gains.

  21. Yes some unnamed Spanish Dr. is playing monkeypox Batman on public transportation, or this entire story is bullshit…hmm I wonder which is more likely.

  22. I’m a centrist because it offers the best target rich environment for the stones that I throw.

  23. Still big assumptions. Could be a regular person with a love for natural rights and probably some pto days to spend.

  24. I think you need to recalibrate your idea of what a “regular” person is. I’ll help; they don’t own 3d printers.

  25. Bit of a boomer mindset, they're much more common than youd think. The point of entry is ridiculously low nowadays

  26. The industry it’s self is projecting 8 million units sold across all brands by 2027 world wide. That is a very niche product.

  27. That’s only true if you don’t want to shatter your glass walls.

  28. Why are you going to hell? I mean I already know why I am.

  29. Everyone knows that the Geneva Bible is the superior translation anyway.

  30. That’s true for the entire compass though, and this seems to be about the differences.

  31. I have not seen a significant drop in gas prices.

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