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  1. Please follow up when you find a place you like! My wife is in the same predicament.

  2. Is the wind really that bad even on non-storm days? It's difficult to find out about the weather right now because I guess you guys had a really big storm recently

  3. I cant stand having to go to a Silver Star and forking over damn near a $20 bill to run my car through the wash. Being an East Side Resident, I go down the street to Clean Finish Car Wash. It has hand washes and auto washes. The gentleman that runs it is the nicest guy and is always willing to help if you're having troubles. I go there exclusively and a perk is the hand washes accept cards and for a crisp $4, i can wash my car by hand. A LITTLE TIP, the vacuums are free at Silver Stars, i just wash my car at Clean Finish then stop at Silver Star and vacuum it out, no ones ever said a thing.

  4. The 1-time wash price at Silver Star is robbery, but Unlimited Express Plus washes is $24.44/month after tax. Super worth it, especially in winter months. *I am not affiliated with Silver Star.

  5. yep, he has that alcoholic bloat and color going on

  6. Does he really drink alcohol that much? He only mentions drinking healthier on stream, like dropping soda. Never mentions alcohol from what I’ve seen. I just attribute the bloat to a sedentary lifestyle.

  7. Funny meme but in reality James looks to be in better condition and happier than Mike these days. (hair notwithstanding)

  8. Legendary Detail Garage in Harrisburg. He owns a Porsche and Audi. He’ll treat your ride like his own.

  9. Yep, that happened a few years ago to my neighbor. Caused $10,000 worth of damage to my house. If you have one of these make sure to read the manual and anchor it per the mfg directions. If not, you're liable for all damage caused by it in a storm.

  10. It could hit someone in the head and kill them as well. They probably shouldn't be outdoors in the first place, but it's a possibility.

  11. Real talk, it's actually sometimes good if you get a piping hot fresh one and eat it within 5 minutes.

  12. Wow that’s going to be hard to fix. One would assume they have insurance for this.

  13. As of 10:30 PM Minnesota Ave from 14th to about 30th is completely dark. No power in buildings or street lights. Very bizarre to drive through. It was like driving on some rural back road.

  14. I'm a recent transplant from Arizona. When I was there, I had to deal with dust storms that looked like they were straight out of The Mummy. I've been dead center when a Haboob (official name for dust storms like that) blew through town and sent walls of dirt coming at you.

  15. Forget temperature, the wind sucks in this state. If you don't mind it, more power to you, but I certainly don't like battling it on highways and interstates. My ride time has dropped significantly since moving from Florida.

  16. Just got done with S1. I think she’s either a robot or Lumon can bring people back from the dead. What solidified my theory was when Cobel ordered her back to “Testing”, which by the way, Outtie-Irving obsessively paints, so he has a connection to it in some way. Perhaps guilt over something he did to Casey/Gemma.

  17. Could theoretically be seen as “content of a certain era” … then you see the 2004 time stamp.

  18. Was there this weekend and can confirm there were children at arcade 81. Parental supervised but still.

  19. Our policy is 13+ til 8pm, then 18+ after 8pm. During the 5-8pm time frame, we don't immediately kick underage kids out if everyone is behaving themselves. I'm there literally every night and can assure you we have zero tolerance for shenanigans. Overall, kids are rare in EightyOne.

  20. Depressing comments. At this rate, seems like learning to DIY is the only reasonable option.

  21. You gotta line up a job or just about no one will rent to you without a huge deposit.

  22. I've never seen a deposit be higher than a month's rent in my lifetime. Is that a thing now?

  23. Very depressing as a motorcycle rider! I'm really close to selling my bike due to so few days it's enjoyable to ride.

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