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This Homeless man's rabbit was thrown over a bridge by a passerby and he immediately jumped into the river to save her. He won an award, was given animal food and a job, and the passerby was charged with animal cruelty.

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  1. Except the fools who believe the score isn't fixed by the storefront and producers. They get scammed out of their money.

  2. I have the Black Sharks’, it looks like the razer being probably better.

  3. Search Black Shark Magsafe Cooler :) sorry moving boxes at the moment can send some photos and videos tomorrow or Monday

  4. Thank you both! That will make it easier as there is already a box outside so they can just replace that without more invasive work as d00buggy was saying! Cheers!

  5. The only solutions for Russia and China are Nukes.

  6. Download Appraven, much better than default store view and you get more of these actual decent games rather than having dumb half f2p in the Top Paid chart.

  7. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal, it’s a really thin device so stuff like that probably isn’t going to be rare. I’m keeping mine for sure but you do you of course.

  8. My Mini 2 does not do it even if you press with nearly a strength as if you want to break it (I tried to compare), so clearly something isn't right :)

  9. Display technology has changed since your mini 2. They’re now made thinner and laminated. What you’re seeing is not a defect but just the nature of the technology.

  10. Technology should mean improvement, the equivalents Samsung product do none of it with 120htz monitor, iPhone doesn’t do it either…I am on Apple Ecosystem and much prefer it however this last series of iPads is garbage exception done for the iPad 9th Gen which is very good, we have one of those too.

  11. Pickups commonly have issues and it is more so the fault of the carrier not Amazon. If you are returning the item yourself just buy insurance and as long as you aren't using some unnecessarily impractical service they should refund you.

  12. If in my business there is lack of service the fault is mine, I chose the suppliers not my clients.

  13. Amazon is significantly bigger than 99.9% of business and the logistical issues are much more complicated than most would understand. They cannot simply choose another supplier for this. The option would ultimately by have a pickup and use UPS or have you ship it back. If UPS doesn't fulfill what they claim they will it is what it is but you could still return yourself and without a pickup option that would have been the only route anyways.

  14. Thank you, you seem you either work or worked there, if one can trust sending it back then I have no issue in doing that but at this point they shouldn’t advertise pick up and just allow clients to track returns with a self shipment, else all one has as proof is a screenshot of a chat with someone saying “go with it” whilst the My Orders page shows that you are meant to wait for a pick up.

  15. Funny how gypsies can be gypsies then the person in the right has to even pay a lawyer to defend himself, Police usefulness = 0

  16. As a person from the US I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of context here. What in the world is a traveler’s camp?

  17. They are GYPSIES… an absolute disgrace, even in business they are antisocial in 100% of the cases, had that first hand over a dozen of times. Then they call you racist (as in businesses with CCTV they cannot do much).

  18. Click on my user you may see the post here on Reddit :)

  19. This planet without China and Russia would be a way better place.

  20. Another “game” with coins/gem to ignore :)

  21. lol another games with "Coins" or "Gems" there it goes in the bin (or third world countries buying these things for some reasons...)

  22. Who cares if he does? Absolutely no need to bother if it is not going to be deformed or sub-div...mostly.

  23. Second gen bullshit... it sounds like Nvidia

  24. USA has no laws to protect animals, already the rest of the world has very basic sentencing, USA is stuck in the Far West…

  25. When they start to jail people? In UK is ridiculous anyone can do any violence with pretty much zero consequences.

  26. It seems a cool game thanks for sharing, using Appraven after was suggested here but isn’t showing yet. I may pick this up.

  27. Anyone know if they fixed the off wifi thing? Won't buy a broken game.

  28. It would help if you define “thing”

  29. If you are on iOs there are tons and tons of not rubbish F2P games that are actually very good fun really, I am mainly a PC player but I do play on my iPad Mini and there are tons, including some old PC games or new like Civilization 6 (staying closer to the genre somehow).

  30. Will run great, yes + it's great game/port.

  31. Bought one today, compatible and works really well, it has tilt sensitivity not pressure but it is also 1/6 of the price!

  32. I assume Valkyrie and Supernova are expansions but the rest of the

  33. Same here! I am a gamer and PC Gamer, F2P are for grandmas really… however in this case they are totally optional, similar to Ravensworld Shadowland.

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