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Megathread: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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  1. Eh, honestly we need to speak more about the current chinese racism and homophobia problem

  2. We're not Chinese though, we're mostly westerners. Attacking China for being racist or homophobic, while being non-Chinese Westerners just seems wrong to me, especially since our own countries are not only racist and homophobic, but also capitalist. We can acknowledge their faults, but we should focus on our own problems, and let the Chinese people deal with there's.

  3. While Pol Pot was supported by both communists and capitalists, it was the communists that overthrew him

  4. Sorry guys, you didn't vote hard enough. Maybe if you tried voting harder, abortion rights would still be a thing. Next time, remember to vote really, really hard, and the democrats might be able to bring them back (or give a bunch of tax cuts to billionaires, whatever's more important).

  5. Wouldn't be a point. No revolution is going to come via the ballot.

  6. Anyone know how to make a guillotine?

  7. Just to remind the liberals who like to pretend that Biden's on their side, during Biden's time as vice-president, between 2009-2011, the Democrats had full control over the Presidency, the house, and the senate, and decided to do nothing about this. If they honestly wanted to protect abortion, they absolutely could. They've made millions from donations due to Roe Vs Wade's removal and will continue to get rich for doing nothing. This is fucking christmas for them.

  8. The only way America will be alright is if you fight for it. Voting, protests, and twitter posts don't work and won't change anything. The system is working exactly as it is meant to. It's just not meant to work for you. If you keep supporting a broken system and refuse to do anything against it, this is what you'll get and, quite frankly, this is what you deserve. Get educated, get organised, and get armed. After that, all it takes is the right spark and a bit of luck. Many other countries have overthrown their oppressors, so there's no reason America can't either. Especially since you're the one country that America can't coup.

  9. Then let’s target them with propaganda too. Even the playing field.

  10. Being homophobic to beat the conservatives?

  11. “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary” - Karl Marx

  12. I hate how so much progress is gonna go away just because a President got good RNG and got to pick 3 insane justices

  13. Enough of this bullshit. The democrats have had power over the presidency, the house, and the senate twice in the last few decades. If they wanted abortion, they'd have codified it into law. I'm really sick and tired of Americans being lied to over and over. The democrats are not the good guys and the republicans being even shittier doesn't make the democrats better. This is the best outcome for the democrats and they know it. They get yet another talking point that allows them to raise votes and money without actually doing anything. Americans, you are getting led along by two groups of rich shitheads and being told you have no choice. Stop playing their game. You can't win in a broken system and continuing to try, despite it always failing, is madness. Your country was supposedly founded after a revolution caused by a lack of democracy. If you don't care about democracy, why'd you bother fighting for it.

  14. When it comes to fiction, there aren't many things that can't be forgiven. Characters are constantly doing bad things and getting redemption arcs. But rape, or even attempted rape, makes a character unredeemable. Allison is never going to be a good guy again, at least in my book. She will always be a rapist. I really hope the writers knew this when they wrote this season, because if Allison comes back as a good guy next season, all it means is that the writers don't think rape is a big deal, and that's just not all right with me.

  15. It’s going to be fun to watch Americans get very angry about this and then do nothing. Any other country and this would be cause for revolution. Americans will just trying voting harder.

  16. You underestimate the power of the Karen tbh. Abortion is overwhelmingly popular with that demographic, particularly in the first trimester

  17. There'll be placards and chants, no actual action.

  18. A large amount of liberals promised serious protests and riots if Roe V Wade was struck down. It’ll be interesting to see how they wriggle out of it.

  19. True, but if we can get PR out of it, it’ll be worth it

  20. Starmer is an opportunistic cunt and will not even for a second even think about introducing PR

  21. True, but the Lib Dems or greens could force it. No guarantee they will, because the Lib Dems are as much tories as the labour right, but it’s pretty much the only chance that the UK stops sucking so much.

  22. It was ethnic cleansing rather than genocide, but still not a good thing for the mod

  23. left or right are two sides of the same coin, corrupted bastards who don't give a damn about you starving.

  24. We don’t have a left. We have a couple of right wing parties and a couple of left wing parties. Any proper leftist party would be great

  25. If any of you bothered to read the article, he supports capitalism and says that gas prices are fine. He’s not based at all.

  26. Good point, maybe skarsnik or skrag is getting relocated then?

  27. I reckon Skrag is down in Estalia. They’ve got a new mountain region after all.

  28. Could it be that you can go past Naggaroth and reach Cathay?

  29. I believe it uses teleportation rather than actual circumnavigation. It’s the new sea lanes feature and it allows you to move large distance throughout the world quickly

  30. If i understand correctly its not tied to cathay-naggaroth i imagine there will also be lanes between old world - new world, old world - cathay etc

  31. I think there’s teleportation spots outside all the major ports. I don’t know if there’s instant teleportation or if it takes longer to go further away.

  32. The fact is that Elden Ring is not a multiplayer or PvP game. It has elements of multiplayer and PvP, but these aren’t the focus and the developers, FromSoftware, don’t care about them. PvPers get very annoyed about this when the game isn’t balanced for PvP and FromSoft don’t make changes for the PvP.

  33. If FromSoft doesn't care about PvP, do you know why they included it in the game? From this thread it sounds like griefers like it and most other players hate it, so I don't get why they'd prioritize griefers over the rest of their players.

  34. Because PvP is an integral part of soulsborne games. It’s just not the most important part and isn’t viewed as a priority, even less with Elden Ring. Lots of the core parts of PvP have been stripped, which is a pattern in FromSoft games in a while. PvP in soulsborne games isn’t really actually that bad, but it’s been ruined by trolls and griefers who bully new and less experienced players.

  35. It’s no longer about the boomer neocon concept of “good versus evil.” We’re now in the millenial neolib era of “wholesome versus toxic.”

  36. Wait until we’re in the gen x era of “based vs cringe”

  37. Think about it: Eddie had that line about learning who he really is. He said something like "I'm the guy that runs and hides."

  38. He's had like a dozen foreshadowing comments about being a coward. He absolutely will make a brave and heroic move, likely resulting in his death.

  39. He's had like a dozen foreshadowing comments about being a coward. He absolutly will make a brave and heroic move, likely resulting in his death.

  40. They shouldn’t have brought hopper back. His death brought some great character development to El and bringing him back just makes his sacrifice pointless. Not to mention that it strengthens the massive plot armour that main characters have. He’s been pointless to the main storyline this season, doing nothing but take away from the better plot lines. Should’ve just been left dead

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