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Went to Oregon, Got to Spend Some Time With Two of my Favorite Beauties

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

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  1. My 2016 just hit 50k last month. I hate driving but i love my runner

  2. It was removed? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


  4. Yes, if anything the fact you haven't played the games will make you more able to understand the show and not feel the constant questioning of what is happening and why are they doing this.

  5. No, you'll still question the plot because it stands up on its own as a terrible amalgamation of high school tier dialogue and constant efforts to tear down the protagonist because reasons

  6. Ah yes, the option to kill Partysnax, the Greybeards, and the Blades and start your own new Dragon Cult, with blackjack and daedric hookers.

  7. I would like to know more about these fabled daedric hookers

  8. It's the Grand Champion! I can't believe it's you! Standing here! Next to me!

  9. Christ; Fimmion’s favorite elder scrolls deity

  10. It's a Mauser action. As long as headspace isn't fucked, it's fine

  11. Why would it be worthless to resale? Why the hell pay so much for it in the first place then, just buy used?

  12. Diamonds are far more plentiful than most are led to believe; supplies produced from unethical mining and other sources are kept artificially constricted to maintain inflated prices

  13. Simply reverse-order the steps used to remove the door panel. That should do it!

  14. Believe me when I say that I already have, there are some trim pieces that interfere with each other so it simply doesn't work

  15. Already have... No response over the last few hours. Hope there will be some by tomorrow

  16. They gave us so many of these years ago. I can try to dig some up

  17. I'm not in the inner circle. Seriously...PrepperGunShop is where I snagged both of my SAS M-7s. GunPrime is where I got the Sam7SF and Sam7k-44. Yeah, the prices were high but I just went through a divorce and sold my home in the Keys. So, I've got a little bit of FU money to blow.

  18. Golly, you're the best! I'm going to follow you and watch you and worship the ground you walk on! Let's go

  19. This is amusing because nearly all of the software engineers I used to work with in the aerospace field have either already left or are desperately trying to leave for Fintech or other fields because they are either burnt out or dramatically underpaid compared to what they would be getting (in the US, so it may be different).

  20. I have a dual citizenship with an "adversary nation" and I did have to provide my other passport and all info on travel in the last ten years and all foreign contacts... Which was a giant pain in the ass. They never asked me to renounce it in the end so maybe it isn't a huge concern or they just forgot perhaps

  21. Tapered 7.62 tokWith a straight mag? Interesting. What is the capacity on that mag

  22. Well now I need to rank presidents by fuckability. I'd say Joe isn't near the bottom, but you can't beat the OG #1 Lincoln and his massive log.

  23. You know what they say about abnormally gigantic ears

  24. The silver timeline is a good name for it, because silver comes after gold which I assume is what we call the game and novel timeline. Platinum if we stop it at halo 3.

  25. I'm waiting for the aluminum timeline for the real schlock

  26. This looks like something a bond villain would equip his goons with

  27. I would trade my salary, my left nut, and my remaining dignity to go back to the team I worked with at NASA. It's just a different world that prioritizes learning and gave you more freedom in comparison to working at a large contractor. That was my experience, every branch is different

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