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  1. He would make an awesome spire noble or fleet admiral. Maybe even an Inquisitor?

  2. I'd go for an aged Eddie Redmayne for that particular look, until I can think of someone more appropriate.

  3. Our police are equipped like an occupying army and like to kill civilians.

  4. It's far simpler than that: Americans are a brainwashed people, told time and time again that they are the freest, bestest nation in the world, and because they're kept culturally isolated by distance their media, a third of the population falls for it - hook, line and sinker. With that number of people ready to attack anything dog whistled as 'Un-American' the population remains in a deadlock, unable to come together on any consensus. And all the while the ultra-wealthy guide the U.S down the path of fascism, waiting to rule over the populace like neo-Kings and Queens.

  5. They already do act like neo-Kings and Queens, and really they already have the control for it too, they just are carefully hidden behind layers of politicians & propaganda so Americans won’t catch onto the fact that they are not free, do not live in a real democracy, and are already being dragged into a hopeless future of Christo-fascism

  6. America is the plantation/company store writ large. The corporations and elites know they have a captive population. One where escape is impossible unless you're job is specialized or you're already wealthy enough not to care.

  7. The Mechanicum would almost certainly go to war with any Rogue Trader who happened to come across a Rogue Trader owning an Ark Mechnicus, and be justified doing so. Those things are insanely rare, containing a level of technology no longer available to rest of the Imperium. The Trader is far better off handing it over to their forge world of choice and gaining the favour of the Mechanicum for the rest of time. Similar story for the battlebarge. Marine chapters just don't go around forgetting or misplacing relics like those, and will have some very choice questions about how a RT managed to procure said battlebarge.

  8. Gee sorry mate. They’re living ships so they swim like a whale or just fart, i guess.

  9. "Avast, thar she blows Capain!" Sensor Magos Thadeus-Delta 04 exclaimed in binaric cant as the Mechanicus light cruiser 'The Messiah's Reckoning' tracked the wayward Tyranid bioship. The small flotilla of Mechanicum warships had doggedly perused their wounded enemy, never giving the bio-mechanical monstrosity time to rest and knit together the meter-wide wounds flensed into it's armored plating by those ships tasked with hunting down any that had escaped the orbital battle around Perseus III.

  10. Going by personal duels my highlight is Kharn vs Sig, in terms of wider battles the Angels vs. Night Lords shield wall clash before the first gate culminating in Raldoron stomping Skraivok is my highlight.

  11. The crowning moment of awesome for me was the Nightlords failing to see trap set by the Blood Angels, assuming the Angels being pushed back was a sign of an easy victory. Then the three BA contemptors step out of their hiding spot, and the Angels break ranks to allow the Dreadnaughts to go town on the tightly packed Nightlords trapped on the parapet... Autocannons go Brrrrrrr!

  12. But one day I could be rich and then people like me better watch out!

  13. The greatest trick the rich ever pulled was convincing people they could join the feast, and not just make do with the scraps that fall from the table.

  14. Thanks now I’m imagining femboy Exorcists because they had a spate of Slaaneshi possessions.

  15. Someone, somewhere, is about to Rule 34 the shit out of that suggestion.

  16. You wippersnappers and your box art schemes! Back in my day, we didn't HAVE legions. You came up with your own army, and you wrote lore for them and stuff (if you were into that).

  17. Legio Praesagius - 'True Messengers' for the ol' Ultramarine Titans.

  18. I was thinking Warp Runners, they're blue predominantly with white and gold as secondaries, just like the Smurfs. Praesagius is predominantly white, with blue as a major secondary.

  19. Ah, I thought you meant the Legios most associated with the Ultramarines.

  20. The Lion's return has yet to be confirmed.

  21. It'll be interesting to see how the Lion and the Dante play off of each other, considering Dante has been put into place by Guilliman as Governor of Imperium Nihilus. Especially with Sanguinius' role as reluctant head of Imperium Secondus back in the HH.

  22. My crackpot theory is Lion and Dante come to blows, and that's how Dante gets dragged across the Rubicon Primaris.

  23. That's a dangerous path for GW to take: Dante is pretty much one of the most beloved characters in the setting. Even if it's justified, the Lion beating him to death isn't going to see him as particularly likable - not that the Lion has ever been about popularity.

  24. Befriend? No. A titan's machine spirit does develop a personality of it's own, over time, but the machine spirit is always based on some predatory beast. Something that yearns to be let off the leash and tread across the battlefield, bringing destruction to the enemy. Against that need - the deep-seated base desire - a Princeps must be resolute in their mastery of the machine they control. They must resist the subconscious urges that the machine spirit presses upon them, and the red-hot emotions of anger and hatred pounded into the crew, for sublimation into the machine spirit is not the only risk a Princeps takes. A Princeps who cannot resist the machine spirit's instincts to lope ahead, headless of it's own covering screen of smaller war engines, is an titan that can quickly become overwhelmed by traditional infantry, hacking and slashing their way into the war machine in order to reach the delicate flesh within.

  25. That's the most sensible take. Every faction has tidbits that mean they can curb stomp others but it just never materialize because we need the status quo to keep playing. They are escalating things with Primarchs and all that but they are never going to get to any faction's end game because it would hurt the game.

  26. Exactly. If the Tyranids ever arrive in force, the setting is over. Just like if Chaos wins and creates an Eye of Terror out of the entire galaxy, or if the Orks Waaargh over the entire galaxy and evolved back into Kroks, or if the Necrons fully wake up and decide to use their big toys. Etc, etc... The 40K Doomsday clock is perpetually stuck at 11:59:59, and can never be allowed to tick over to 12:00 without nuking the setting.

  27. My jaw hit the floor, too. I thought GW had quietly put Titanicus out to pasture at this point.

  28. and then he got sent into the warp for like a 100 something years to get tortured since he asked the demon for help.

  29. I think it was like 666 years, so he could learn what true pain was like and become an expert in applying it. It was all very Hellraiser.

  30. Ah yes, the "Transexual Global Alliance" really wants this person to be trans. It's depressing how laws are being made by people blatantly making things up in their head and trying to stop their imaginary monsters.

  31. I kind of want TGA to be a thing, just more like the A-Team, sweeping in to rescue trans people from persecution.

  32. "Come on, guys. It was just research..."

  33. The Imperium is 100% a fascist authoritarian government, this isn't event up for debate as it's what GW has said from the beginning of Warhammer as well.

  34. A theocratic fascist state. One that needs ignorance in order to function and so actively suppresses anything outside of the status quo, locking Imperial society in a state of decay without ever having the chance to evolve into something better. Admittedly, they have some very good reasons to be that way, but it doesn't take away from the monstrous nature of the Imperium.

  35. I stood behind Arcade Fire getting food in the back-stage tent back. Being back stage at a music festival is kind of surreal, because oh, there's the Foo Fighters lining up to get their dinner, and why is Juliet Lewis being followed around by a camera crew...? I was (and still am) a nobody, so pretty much invisible. But the catering was pretty damned good. And free. Never turn down free food when you're on the road. Especially if you're just running merch.

  36. I can only speak for myself: To finally find some frogspawn in my pond this year.

  37. Don't fall for it! He's only selling bags, not tomatoes.

  38. It's funny because nearly every time I see someone pull this argument, they're very much latched onto the joys of right-wing political "influencers" on Twitter, who very much do not have a "real job".

  39. It's the whole conservative attitude that women should be demure, attentive creatures, wholly at the beck and call of their husbands, and anyone outside of that box is a hellion who will damn humanity to hell. Etc... etc... At the end of the day it's really about insecurity, religious indoctrination, the need to control and the knowledge they cannot 'own' the person in question.

  40. The kinds of people who post things like this are just mad that they can't make a living on OnlyFans. Also, it probably takes a lot more than just time and talent to be an adult entertainer. I imagine there's a psychological element to it as well. Especially given how taboo that industry is and how people see the entertainers.

  41. It's like the iceberg analogy. You only get to see the 10% that is visible on the surface, and not all the time spent editing content, networking, giving time to high-tier patreons, having to pick out your next look, do your makeup, post your latest round of links up across multiple media sites and catch up on any DMs whilst you're at it. There's a reason successful Onlyfans accounts end up hiring people to do the time intensive or organisational side of things.

  42. Wall Street...? I mean as long as you have no morals, empathy and can rip off the common folk like a pro.

  43. Or mix erm...shit...which two fabrics should you never mix? Ah, I've failed my fashion test, haven't I? Dang it...

  44. If they were just special forces deep striking with drop pods into the enemy HQ to cut the head of the snake, I'd have no problem with that. The fact that they have heavy weapon teams and tanks makes no sense from that point of view.

  45. Versatility. Initially I was thinking of trying to justify how a thousand marines could ever have an impact across an entire warzone, but a company of marines has the ability to blunt an enemy advance threatening to break Imperial lines, or on the opposite side of the same coin, punch a hole through enemy lines and allow the IG to exploit it by rolling up the enemies flanks. Also, I am very, very tired, so as much as I want to have a good think about it and try and come up with a better answer, this is all I can manage.

  46. A few thousand space marines does make sense if you treat them as force multipliers: Eliminating key infrastructure; assassinating enemy commanders; reconning and painting targets for orbital strikes - kind of like the 41st millennium equivalent of the SAS in that respect. It's only when it comes to stand up fights involving millions that their numbers start to work against them, although even then they have value in the morale boost they can provide. But, yeah, everyone writes them as warrior monks or future-knights with all the tactile common sense of a dead turtle.

  47. These sizes make so much more sense in the grand scheme of things. At times, lot of GW sizes and numbers feel like they were written by a 10yo kid.

  48. Honestly, given that the Imperial Palace is supposed to be the size of a continent, shipping down millions of troops isn't going to be enough to take the local curry house, let alone the entirety of the Himalayas and then some. Even hundreds of millions might not be enough given the descriptions of how armed to the teeth the various walls and bastions were. Descriptively, the Siege of Terra has some wonderful moments with the sheer level of carnage involved, but objectively? It makes no fucking sense, half the time.

  49. I always imagine the volcano cannon was fired in a sweeping pattern across a formation of infantry. Using it like that is still overkill, but also an extremely fast way of killing large numbers of marines.

  50. Yep, according to the modern Titanicus, everything within a good 10 meters would have been vapourised or blown off of their feet (and probably pulped) by the concussion blast of the surrounding air. Volcano cannons earn their name.

  51. After he got told to leave for literally shitting in the halls of his hotel in North Korea, Kim offered to pay for rehab for him to sober up. If a homicidal dictator has to be the one to hold an intervention for you you've made some serious fucked up life choices.

  52. I know the words your using, and I understand your grammar and context, but my brain is still refusing to accept the reality of that paragraph... What the fuck? I just... No. You're telling me that actually happened?!

  53. Well, I know what I'm subjecting my Discord group when I next log on...

  54. It doesnt always happen, but it does happen. Any time someone says they like something about the imperium, they risk having someone jump to the conclusion “you must be a fascist” and start aggressively saying “you know they’re worse than hitler right?” or making snide remarks about how the imperium attracts fascists. Some people are so keen to fight fascism they look for it everywhere.

  55. I've often tried to puzzle this one out, and why 40K can sometimes attract certain mindsets. Firstly, as we've seen with this whole discussion, people can often miss the mark that 40K is satire. Like that period where Trump was being heralded as the God-Emperor, complete with mock ups of him sitting on the golden throne. That... That always amused/puzzled me as a take. I mean sure, the Emperor might seem like a gigga-chad if you only skim the surface level of the lore, but underneath is the fact that presides over a doomed empire that is going to one day collapse in on itself and doom the Milkyway to being turned into one giant Eye of Terror.

  56. I think it's safe to say that this would be pretty recognizable to most folks in the UK or Ireland. Since, you know, she was basically their controversial head of state similar to Reagan.

  57. Basically... Basically, if you go North of the Watford gap*, she is the devil incarnate, but if you're well to-do and conservative, she was the saviour of the the UK.

  58. Native American elements in the Dark Angels would be awesome, actually. Now that needs to come back

  59. It's a product of it's time. Back then there was no real awareness of cultural appropriation in the same, nor the inherent racist stereotypes that came with Westerns projecting their ideas of how a Native American tribe would act or speak. Hell, most people still lump every native tribe under the same stereotype, like they were lumping the Welsh with the English, or the Scottish with the English, or the Irish with the English, or even the English with the English (Go out drinking in Manchester and accuse each Mancunian of being a Scouser* in disguise if you want to live life dangerously).

  60. If you've been into 40K long enough, you'll know it happens all the time. The early lore for the Dark Angels had them being Native American in origins, and one of their original stories involves the Death Company returning from campaign to find the start of a Genestealer infestation taking root on their homeworld (Can't remember if it has always been Caliban). This then got retconned into being the cover story for the destruction of Caliban and the hunt for the Fallen, effectively re-writing a major chunk of the lore and making a founding chapter rather less problematic than it originally was.

  61. To be fair, there is also the small minority of Tau Space Marine fetishists.

  62. It's an interesting concept, but given the level of hypno-indoctrination a Marine undergoes, impossible to pull off. There is one story of the Tau trying it, and it just ends up killing the marine from the stress without the marine ever being close to breaking. Still, it would be nice to see the Tau auxiliary forces get more love than they currently do.

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