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Alex Jones sent nude photo of wife to Roger Stone, Sandy Hook lawyer reveals

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  1. Totally. They are hoping they will get the right wing viewers to tune in as a protest against “wokeism”.

  2. All they need to do is advertise on fox as anti liberal message.

  3. Kenan will replace Lorne, and SNL will shoot up in quality to 1990 levels. Mark my words.

  4. Once Lorne is gone, SNL will have 3 more seasons before it’s canned.

  5. Last one is a deep state plant by Obama Soros illuminatie ancient alien flat earth.

  6. Phone? How does it even work? Am I right?

  7. Starbucks only opened in Italy (Milan) 4 years ago. Apparently there are plans for more stores, so it must be working.

  8. But it should also be cheap.

  9. Because they know if they rely on politicking in the US it'll get paid anyway.

  10. Germany just bought 25 f35 from the us and will probably be buying more weapons from the US. They are morons and will now pay a premium for it. Higher gas and higher weapons purchases.

  11. They're not buying much more, Europe is trying to shut out the US MIC after we've rolled them on a few contracts. Those 25 are just for nuclear sharing, that's it.

  12. Doubtful. No one makes better weapon than the US.

  13. To be fair, H.pylori is a super common infection primarily caused by contaminated food (via fecal matter from unwashed hands). Not all kitchens are as strict as they should be.

  14. Covid came from the unregulated wet market so no hygiene required.

  15. They should give hazard pay to the interns and aides who are going to have to read through 300GB of that man’s nonsense; hazard pay and therapy.

  16. I’m praying for a wiki leaks on the text. Would be interesting to have thousands of people look over and find any thing dirty on it.

  17. Nanoelectrofuel is not combustible but it is basically a liquid battery (flow battery) that has good enough energy density to power flight. No wait to recharge your EV if you can just swap the fluids at a pump in seconds.

  18. Yo. Planes store jet fuel in the wings. They can do this too without putting giant battery packs in the storage.

  19. except that planes calculate the weight reduction caused by the fuels use into the overall flight calculations. this electro-fluid is not going to be burned up so there is a decent amount of weight that will just stay with the plane. not impossible to manage but a lot of planes are built to take this continual weight loss and turn it into a benefit, so planes might need refitted for this new system.

  20. Distraction from their internal problem.

  21. Only the finest missiles, straight to the bottom of the ocean! Watch out Cthulhu!

  22. Atlantis is fume that missile is ruining their lunch.

  23. They have told Ukrainians to leave the hotspots, have tried to get them to leave, evacuated where possible.. What more can ukraine do??

  24. Russia is keeping hostage.

  25. Well actually DJI won't sell drones to either Russia or Ukraine. If that comes from the Chinese government or they just don't want to get their name too involved I'm not sure of really.

  26. US sanction are long and wide. And it has decimated many companies that thought they could get away with it.

  27. I'm wondering if this might actually be plausible? The Sandy Hook family lawyer pointed out to Jones that when he informed Jone's lawyer that "dude, you sent me your client's entire phone", Jone's lawyer made no steps to indicate that the data dump he just provided is privileged information or protected in anyway.

  28. Lawyer’s revenge for not paying up. Lol

  29. It’s actually his 12th depending in how you count them.

  30. Shouldn’t it be hundred if you count all the lawyer that have rejected his request for representations. We’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel for lawyers and now they are at Trump university graduate lawyers.

  31. The German anti-nuclear movement was probably financed by Russia in the first place.

  32. Yup. Yup. Big Russian gas paid for Germany green movement.

  33. Interesting read. I wonder how the CIA got the drone in there? Where would have the drone launched from?

  34. As soon as z crawled out of hiding, a cash strapped Taliban gave up his location to the cia and took home 10m in prize money.

  35. Complete collapse of the real estate market with accessory of debtor revolt, economic affected by their idiotic Covid policy. It's not pretty.

  36. They don’t want to use mRNA vaccine from Europe or USA. So they screwed if covid breaks out again. Their vaccine is inferior.

  37. Typical Trump, he wanted a bigger name to make him look good. Even if that name was the leader of the group. Trump only cares about Trump.

  38. Hah he told them he want osama bin Ladin.

  39. Hannibal. I'm honestly shocked there has never been anything about him. He's basically the only guy to ever strike fear into the minds of the romans at their peak

  40. We already have Spartacus

  41. ALEXANDER THE GREAT and his conquests in ancient Greece.

  42. Oh My .... ! This guys must be stoped before its too late ! He have no limits

  43. He’s about to make a working nuclear bomb outa chocolate.

  44. Unless you identify yourself as a female.

  45. Lol “it’s killing jobs” is their usual excuse. While they accept massive donations from Oil & coal companies…

  46. Man. Don’t they realize global warming is killing people? Likely millions of people.

  47. Furry orgies. Republican sex orgies

  48. Lead and cadmium? You need to do some more research.

  49. I refuse to read anything that is counter to my belief. Also doubtful epa would let people sell Solar panel if the toxic metal is at harmful level. Take a look at a cigarette if you want toxic metal inside your body and they sell just fine.

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