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  1. Ahhhh Woodrow Wilson did not create Social Security in fact he was politically opposed to Social Insurance in general

  2. Forced 10-K the Sports Drink out of business because there was a rumor that it shrinks your dink

  3. It could knock you off balance and when trying to regain your balance you might fall toward the tracks

  4. I grew up with trains, dad worked with train safety systems, he is also a member of a herritage railroad, I have commuted by train for decades, and was a part of the same herritage railroad as dad was, I have stood near moving trains more times than most.

  5. Another satirical yet also plausible line by Chase (Junior cheering him on because he's Italian). Pepitone was routinely booed by Yankee fans because he was Mickey Mantle's replacement in center field and didn't come close to filling the shoes, obviously. That was such a sad era for the Yankees. The time between Mantle and Reggie Jackson.

  6. Giving his daughter her friends car whose Dad just got busted out

  7. How could Johnny Boy do anything with an albacore around his neck?

  8. A lot of mafiosi’s kids become defense attorneys. There’s a made member of the Philly mafia that’s a defense attorney.

  9. I don’t think I ever saw Tony eat a piece of Pizza the entire series

  10. Nah he definitely takes a bite of pizza when he Artie and AJ are living together. Which wow what a spin-off that would be. The Chef, Captain, and Complainer

  11. E864 says:

    Well someone has to give a sandwich and soda to everyone Tony meets there who’s under the age of 25.

  12. I mean you know Tony ain’t paying for the sandwich but he is throwing a 20 in the tip jar

  13. If I’m working at Satriale’s, a butcher where a bunch of obviously mobbed up dudes hang out constantly, and I find a speck of blood in the cutting room, I’m not gonna say shit to anyone.

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