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  1. Thing is, I actually read this in the comments somewhere else and it changed my stance on them. This would turn out to actually be a good alternative as trees in cities are basically surrounded by pollution and concrete and whatever else, so they don't live as long - and it'd take quite a while to grow new ones whereas these would last longer and wouldn't take as long to "grow" i guess. They also have algae in them which is better at recycling air (forgot the word, photosynthesis?) than trees I THINK. I'm all for laughing at useless ideas but this actually doesn't seem that bad?

  2. The purpose of urban trees is shading? Water resists temp change. These will be hot longer in summers.

  3. Some people in that neighborhood won't be the same after tonight

  4. Everyone is saying this is fake but bro the guy with the pressure washer looks like he’s doing everything in his power to let go while slowly trying to point at the switch. Hose was wet and he locked up after it slid across the plates.

  5. Some is these will have a little give when in correct position. Turn dial one by by. After each turn pull hard and steady on lock. Keep eyes on the crack nearest dial. Stop when there is a slight difference.

  6. I was in a park at the weekend and somebody had their corgis chase a squirrel up a tree and was watching cheerfully as (off the lead) they barked at it.

  7. Y’all seeing the dog killing rat videos? Mostly farmers using small dogs to kill rats. But also weirder city dwellers letting their dogs get a high energy outlet. They walk the streets of New York looking for rats near dumpsters.

  8. The tastiest part of the broccoli is the stalk.

  9. Reminds me of the post about what if our teeth are flaccid and became erect when hungry.

  10. I think you're right. I love writing and I want to get something published in the future, but I just gave up on trying to write during the week. Work is exhausting and I have family and household chores to do, so I'm writing only in the weekends now. It makes me fee likel I'm "wasting" time during weekdays because I can't study the way I'd like to and I don't read much, but I guess I have to respect my body and accept that life is not perfect.

  11. I’m just a lurker, I don’t work construction or even a physical job, what you are describing is a problem everywhere. The realization that life might just be grind and die. I seriously readjusted work life balance after years of destructive depression. Sucks that we do it to ourselves. More specifically we set up a society that does it to us. GL

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