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  1. Off campus housing you are renting outside of RPI? What year are you? Did you have a postive test? I assume so and it wasn't just a punishment for not using the app. Where do you think you caught it?

  2. Not sure who your provider is or if the promo is even still running but AT&T was giving away free note 20s with a trade in or the note 20 ultra for like $300

  3. Is AT&T an expensive carrier though? How is their coverage?

  4. What year was the host and students in attendance? What is the punishment for those who went?

  5. Wait 2007 is when he joined the PD as the FIRST black police officer. Currently there are 5 black officers. Let's talk about that. Crime in African American communities is Troy is at an all time high. We need more officers who these communities can identify with and feel comfortable around to build community relationships.

  6. So not a single person living on campus tested positive? That’s kinda crazy

  7. We don’t know since not all data is made to public

  8. Seniors on campus this summer where architecture students. My money is on they are a couple and architecture students.

  9. You have to wonder if the two who tested positive have been in NY all summer? Keep in mind those traveling and flying in could test positive in a few days.

  10. Hello WSB God, have you done a gap year yourself? Even if you didn't would it not simply be a waste of time?

  11. If you're a procrastinator a GAP year just let's you procrastinate more. Don't do it just dive in and apply.

  12. That's what I thought, I don't see how it would help me if I'm already on the path to not going to college, going to one right now is the best option

  13. Do you think it's worth paying 100 k for four years for a T200 for a CS major? Ignore the cascophonies of fors

  14. No, what are your school options and cost for each school?

  15. My kid asked me to jump on to repond to this. So Mom alert posting here on his account. I went to UIUC and NW. His dad went to Madison

  16. NW has many more opportunities due to it's location for interships. Downtown Chicago isn't that far away. With Google, Amazon and many other tech companies you will have internship opportunities. Also, if you need to work to help pay for school Evanston has a great downtown area with so many places to work. You have potential for excellent employment after graduating. If you go to Grad school even better. Nothwestern football is a big event for students, alumni and Chicago residents because the Bears suck!

  17. Midwest Club UCSB - not admitted UCSC - Wait listed It okay Cali is really 🦠😷 and far from home.

  18. Sorry didn't follow names on posts. Spaced out it was your post. WPI is a better school. Did you get good merit at WPI? What other schools are you accepted at or waiting on? Have you visited WPI? It's my #1 right now.

  19. It's scarier to me I have to choose what college I go to during Corvid-19 !

  20. What letter did everyone get? Was it emailed? Iogged into portal and was accepted for Compute Science but not financial aid information was there. Nothing was missing from my documents list.

  21. FYI, in Massachusetts with a felony conviction, if you have a spotless record for 15 years you can file for an expungement.

  22. I got accepted a few days ago for Computer Science and I'm out of state!

  23. Congrats! Did they give you OOS cost and financial awards?

  24. Has anyone OOS and not Internal been accepted?

  25. I got accepted with a 26.5k scholarship every year for 4 years. My stats were 4.325 GPA and 1250 SAT. Also one of my friends had a way higher sat than mine and got deferred so even if one has good scores it doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance.

  26. They have a holistic admissions approach. It's not just your scores. I also have a 26.5k scholarship, 6.6k WPI scholarship. After all my awards my out of pocket cost with no loans is 32k. I was hoping for about 10k more. Stats: 34ACT, 1460SAT, 3.9 GPA

  27. I got also about the same amount for financial aid so not terrible but probably still going to appeal since others schools like UMass Amherst are basically giving me 90 percent aid.

  28. I plan to appeal too. But I heard it's really difficult to get more money.

  29. The parents are caring for this child and are they leaving their house? I am sure the parents aren't suiting up.

  30. Everyone in Seattle has everything delivered. Right down to our dental floss.

  31. No wonder retail is dead, and stores are closing. That's sad.

  32. Congratulations! I was told that 25 / 26 was their top Merit range and that it speaks to who you are. They stated that their admission process is a holistic approach and not just about grades etc.

  33. Financial only applies to US citizens or those who can file a FAFSA.

  34. WPI does not meet financial need. Mine too was a little more than 10k away from what was calculated for my EFC.

  35. Received all my financial aid awards today. My out of pocket is 19.5k to attend With a 3k work study Loans of 16.5k

  36. I received the additional 5k too. But still waiting for the official offer with all aid showing my actual cost of attending.

  37. If you have rain barrels consider filling then with water now. I am in the midwest and it's cold but I can still fill them up just in case.

  38. Good point I forgot about that. Used to having my own chickens.

  39. I have back yard Chickens in a USA city! Fresh eggs daily. They keep 60 days not refrigerated.

  40. The essay questions are awesome, and a true test for applicants. I am a college admissions essay consultant and all three applicants I worked with who applied early were accepted. Think Alice in Wonderland. It's the essay! It's always the essay!