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  1. Near the end of bleach the entire situation seemed hopeless until

  2. Bleach's ending was rushed coz Kubo was getting sick and Shonen Jump wanted to end the series. I feel like given the chance, the ending would've been better written

  3. I remember when I moved to the US, I was expecting the jocks to be psychotic assholes, cheerleaders to be ditz, and the pretty/popular kids to be horrible human beings. Quickly found out that most people were really cool and a lot of them helped me get used to high school in the US.

  4. It was trending coz some Marvel account tweeted that the next Wolverine movie will have a "Hard R" rating, i.e. 18+, and that got trending

  5. I'm trying to think of a reason why it shouldn't be. I know several people that post clips of them lifting weights in the gym but like, I don't think anyone is refreshing the TL waiting for Carly and Kyle to post the 89th video of them picking something up and putting it down.

  6. I'm cool with folks recording their workouts, but they're now being used by gym influencers to shame some random person who happens to glance in their direction while they're working out, which I hate.

  7. Nothing in high school, but there were a few suicides and unexplained deaths in college

  8. Nia Long’s best sex scene was in 2020 with Fatal Affairs. I don’t know why she waited so long to go topless.

  9. Sometimes I be forgetting how good I have it as a man that’s 32 and single and no kids with a good credit score 🙌🏾

  10. I'm 32 and was recently asked if I was shooting blanks since I didn't have kids. I just use contraception, coz I don't want kids

  11. I'm in high school and this man was yelling at me to go to college... I can't my guy!

  12. African parent: [Angrily] why are you depressed? I brought you to this country, I pay for your entire existence, what do you have to be depressed about? You're ungrateful and I should send you back to Africa since you're so depressed. [ Depending on size, will attempt to beat child].

  13. As a prosecutor, any time he's going up against a Black person, especially a Black woman, the defense will get him pushed off the case

  14. Just like with abortion, they'll turn to BIPOC communities, especially Black women to save them

  15. Soifon's Bankai is the American method of assassination, bombing everything withing its target radius to kingdom come

  16. These comments are missing the point. The issue many folks have is with once again glorifying Dahmer. I've seen a lot of people thirsting over Dahmer (and to a lesser extent Peters) ever since this miniseries premiered and now once again, people are going to thirst over Dahmer and be callous to the families of the victims with their thirst and dismissing of the families pain.

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