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  1. I refuse to believe Dylan is single with this much game.

  2. Well when you use your car phone to record video, the quality is sometimes suspect.

  3. To be fair, they also legalized beastiality, just gotta let Canada be Canada.

  4. To be fair, they also legalized beastiality, just gotta let Canada be Canada.

  5. Apparently furries were much more powerful than first believed.

  6. I mean.... the headline told us all we need to know.

  7. Okay, sorry, but how many times does that thing have to land on "eat something in 10 seconds" for her to realize the game is rigged? 100? 1000?

  8. Even as a baby he was doing stupid shit for money like jumping in a pool for $1, for instance. He hasn't changed a bit.

  9. Little does he realise Japanese workers live a life of hard work and suffering.

  10. Lol, very true. Societal rules are very complex and involved and you're expected to work your ass off until it prolapses.

  11. Lazy, gold-digging whores who hate any partner they ever have or will be with always give rhe best dating advice.

  12. They're reading nothing at all because there was nothing in either mind to read.

  13. These women are just amazing. They want to be seen as equals or more accurately, superiors to men, the perks of traditional womanhood and the accountability of children.

  14. They're a bunch of gold digging 5s in their mid 30s to late 40s living in a deranged fantasy world where they think a guy, and not making this up:

  15. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s almost like they need to find / make problems in order to justify their own existence.

  16. There's a whole lot of people that do that, though.

  17. Their jobs exist because “other people create problems.” If the problems don’t exist, then it looks like they’re out of a job. Unfortunately, average Americans don’t decide how much policing we get (or anything else really) but our tax dollars go towards this sort of stuff. We need more control over what our governments spend our local and state tax dollars on.

  18. It's in their best interests to make mountains out of molehills and ensure that people are scared which is exactly what the media helps out with for clickbait and the politicians feed on those fears and feelings and regurgitate then as facts.

  19. He looks like he's enjoying himself plenty.

  20. There should be laws against chasing a suspect and creating a hazardous environment on the road.

  21. Maybe they could start with just delivering packages on time and undamaged.

  22. It's likely assault in the second d degree, a Class D felony. Min 2 years, max 7 years under NYS law.

  23. The assault would've had to have caused serious physical injury, which according to the state of New York is defined as "substantial risk of death, or actually causes death, long-term disfigurement, ill health, or loss or impairment of an organ." The extent of the injuries, according to the indictment and bail documents, is a busted lip, a black eye, and a broken nose.

  24. They stomped the head of the security officer.

  25. I completely believe that REvil had no conection to the Russian government, and the 'ringleaders' are totally going to suffer consequences.

  26. I can't tell if this is sarcastic or not.

  27. Even with those charges, he's still keeping an eye out for new conspiracies

  28. Kano has really gone downhill in retirement.

  29. "You're asking me to bring up sexual orientation and adoption? You're a shameless MONSTER!"

  30. Replicating government documents is a crime even/especially if you modify the contents.

  31. I remember Hillary Clinton sitting in a House Chamber for 11 hours putting up with Trey Gowdy and Jones' questions/statements with equanamity. I am pretty sure this scofflaw will refuse to go to the hearing at all.

  32. And they boiled the whole thing down at the 10th hour or so of tag teaming her repeatedly to "WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE?"

  33. I don't doubt it for a second. If it was advantageous to them they would totally do that.


  35. And then the Judge threw the Prosecutor out of his courtroom during an unrelated trial because the Prosecutor liked a post critical of the Judge's decision.

  36. It probably amounts to judicial misconduct. He'll claim he was recusing himself because he couldn't be objective but the truth is that he's a juvenile asshole who isn't fit to judge anyone if he can't put aside his childish feelings over a Facebook post, nevermind how he ruled during sentencing and refused to follow mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines and then threatened to throw out the conviction entirely if he was challenged.

  37. Ted Cruz is a real human who consumes nutrients at the meal table during ThankYouGiving while examining his family pod as they also consume nutrients.

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