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  1. OP, the only thing these people are afraid of is being called out in public. They act like this because they think they'll be anonymous and safe no matter what. So the best thing is to expose their ass.

  2. Even if they are married (to other people or themselves), we are no one to judge.

  3. as if none of us never had a little fun at our workplace. It's all good if things are kept private. The one who recorded them is in the wrong in my eyes.

  4. If we have had "fun" in workplace, it was also likely against the code of conduct of the said workplace (it varies as the employer gets to decide these things). It is indeed against the workplace ethics of any government office. So in that sense, it is wrong.

  5. In india it is illegal to film any one anywhere getting busy. And specifically you can't film a woman unless she gives consent. This is actually a crime. While what they were doing simply boils down to ethics and moral.

  6. Yes it is clearly scripted because my sister gave me consent for this lol 😆

  7. Allahabadi influencer are only active on insta. Most of them have never heard about reddit so yeah... This sub is probably gonna die.

  8. Why are ypu eating Boba like this? Can I also do that? how does it taste?

  9. It's pretty normal. We are 5 cousins(2M and 3F) of age group 25-30 and everytime we meetup at any one of our houses for any event we all binge watch 2-3 movies the whole night and sleep on the same bed legs on each other cuz movies, someone is bound to fall asleep suddenly! Doesn't matter.

  10. Bhai tum north k hoge... in most Southern Culture they marry their cousins. Which is a culture shock for us but for them it's common.

  11. If they are not south indian, muslim or from any culture that doesn't look Cousins as brothers and sisters. Then bruh you have nothing to worry about.

  12. RPS group of institutes Mahendragarh Haryana

  13. Arranged marriage is not a sham. It's a quick and efficient method. It has its pros and cons. Period.

  14. Arrange Marriage is just parents pimping their children most of the time. Why do you think they look for a loaded husband for their daughter and a super model wife(or a wife with tons of family money) for their sons.

  15. Marriage is the biggest sham especially in India. Stay Single Stay Happy!

  16. dude seriously. If only those desperate singles have lived together before marriage, they would know how fucking annoying it is to live with somebody else.

  17. if you have money then please take her to the nearest vet please... if not then please drop your city name and gpay number in my inbox I can help

  18. You’re a good person I won’t ask for anything rn thank you, If anything I know where to text you

  19. I am always here to help animals. Reach out when needed.

  20. Narnia... first movie that made me cry. Idk why lol. I just love that movie.

  21. Op is stupid lmao. You have been delivered wrong items ask for that, they would be more than happy to refund.

  22. He can't explain his problem to the customer support person LoL. what a dumbass.

  23. I hope you are seeing a therapist for your mental health issue. If not then, you share the blame.

  24. Not Sikh. But as far as I know Sikh gotta carry Kirpan to defend others if there arise any need.

  25. I still wear it coz my nipples poke into my tshirt and it looks weird

  26. I still wear it coz my nipples poke into my tshirt and it looks weird

  27. As per my knowledge, anybody can be a Brahmin if they possess the knowledge of vedas right? Or is it that you have to born in brahmin family even when you can read a single sentence in Sanskrit.

  28. Yes anybody can be Brahman, if they have the guna of a Brahman. My idea to protect Brahman community is to protect everyone who has deep unbiased knowledge of our sanatan Dharma. It's not about caste. It's about community of scholars.

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