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  1. As often as I see these posts, I'm glad I took driver's ed in high school. By passing that, I got a waiver that I just had to take to the DMV and walked out w/ my license (that said, I haven't driven in 15 years, so not like it mattered anyways)

  2. Not so much as a collector. Used to be; but just took up a lot of space for things I never used.

  3. Yeah I "collect" most of my older games digitally. The space thing becomes a real issue after a while. Especially considering that I also collect comics. I am always reminded of exactly how much crap I have every time I have to move 😆

  4. I kept a fwe of my favs and any special editions I have, and sold off the rest. Like I still have my gameboy color pikachu edition and my pokemon blue cartridge

  5. If a company says "mask required" i'll wear one w/o any complaint. Other than that? nope

  6. Seeing a black person and making a joke about dead fathers.

  7. Whichever part of the plbody and reproduction organs they have are what they are.. They have a dick - male Vagina with ovaries and capable of giving birth - female.. It's not that difficult

  8. And that's the word for the rare occasion is being Hermiphrodites.. Not the other bs terminology

  9. but you said only male only female, nothing else. I was calling you incorrect, which you were

  10. Oh 😅 better hope that bottle doesn’t run away!

  11. I grew up in Florida. All I ever thought about nature was "It's hot as hell outside, I want to go back indoors to air conditioning"

  12. Anyone who wants to game without input lag. Its trash for games that require responsive controls

  13. Remote work? LinkedIn and Indeed have tons of opportunities that are 100% remote.

  14. Only ISP available in my area has frequent outages. not consistent enough for a job. I used to have good internet at my last apartment but they don't service my area anymore after i moved a year ago. Remote isn't even on the table

  15. All I hear are excuses and reasons not to look for more. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it..

  16. One wrong doing does not excuse another. If you have a problem speak up.

  17. The rules are there as a community agreement. If you disagree with them then it's You who's virtue signaling. Perhaps you shouldn't be a part of this sub.

  18. I'm just pointing out hypocrisy, nothing more or less. Has nothing to do on whether or not I agree with the rules

  19. I understand that point of view. But with bottle service at $2500, I want to think (hope) they have constant service for water, sodas, more drinks, for arguably 6+ hours.

  20. Because if there is no God, what does an afterlife looks like

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