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DIY Espresso Machine

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  1. This is going to cost Highland Park at least $4m to settle.

  2. Check with the Michigan Monarch Project - Ferndale. They might have some more this week that they give away.

  3. You seem to have already posted a few times in the Espresso subreddit - seems like a much more helpful place for a non-localized question.

  4. Agreed - now I’m trying to take those recommendations and buy locally if I can.

  5. The thing that scares me about Azores is that you're stuck (I'm Portuguese, btw!).

  6. Which I see as a feature rather than a flaw : ) Sorry to WoodsColt !

  7. Fascinating project - my read on them is that they’ll need to keep upgrading from their initial ship state and iterate to a successful product strong enough to please super-literate users… but I’m new to this and don’t bring industry-specific details…. Just lots of hyphens. I’m absolutely cheering them on.

  8. Honestly there's not really much there that needs iterating except the app side, which isnt integral to the machine performance. I point it out as an option because spring levers are one of the oldest methods of brewing espresso, very tried and tested but mostly used on high end commercial machines. This just puts that in a smaller package, like the super successful La Pavoni machines but with a spring and PID (which solve the two biggest problems with Pavoni machines).

  9. I only wonder about thermal performance and robust construction - the rest is quite simple I agree. I will certainly keep an eye on them. I like that they’re closing the loop on boiler with manual operation etc - as a neophyte even I find them / their project exciting.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever joined a sub so quickly lol

  11. Are you coming to live here or just speculate on the market?

  12. It sounds like I have a test to pass in order for you to let me in?

  13. It would really depend on the substrate. Humiferous vs loamous, and at what ratios (how argillaceous)

  14. Narocroc! I knew that I’d run in to you… Just kidding. But I did imagine an answer like you gave. I’m coming from the arts to building an insect reserve and don’t have a scientific background. We have a slope currently used as a field / meadow for cattle forage. At the bottom of the slop we want to build a concrete pond. An idea has been to extend the upper component of the pond wall under the soil surface to “catch” water moving downhill. Maybe I’m answering my own question here but are there general rules here or do I need an engineer for a case study?

  15. Why are you trying to catch the groundwater? What is the intended use of the pond?

  16. Interesting - thank you for the great response. We’re taking advantage of an area that accumulates ground water from this sloped field. It doesn’t accumulate much but it’s a good area for a natural ecosystem pond. The pond would have additional feed from a roadway water remediation component that itself is - though not fully designed - a multi-staged system using bioremediation to clean the water of brake particles, rubber and chemicals etc from tires and low levels of petroleum products. The pond we intend to build is “downhill” from that system so we can effect water volume changes as needed to keep the pond “fresh” and receiving oxygenated water. Your French drain system would allow to capture the flow in the substrate level and easily transport it. Thank you!

  17. What quality are you looking for? Going for a hike once or are you a dedicated hiker?

  18. Then you can try " - sklep turystyczny Warszawa" near SGH - you can find there a lot of high quality (and high price) hiking gear.

  19. Thank you for the article - I’m anxious to dig in to it. Here is a completely unrelated subject but a fascinating article with a clear view in to a niche component of a specific industry: film / Hollywood. It’s a great read and great insight.

  20. No. There are 9 teams in pro hockey league in Poland and none of them are based in Warsaw. Legia Warszawa had a hockey team but it is discontinued since 2015 because of financial problems / disinterest.

  21. This. Makes. Me. Sad. Thank you for letting me know : )

  22. Check out op’s username - I hadn’t noticed that.

  23. 2030? Whoa, hold on their Microsoft… don’t get ahead of yourselves.

  24. Maybe a clear “cage” - the ones made out of clear plastic that cover like a cage but are clear plastic?

  25. Could you send me a link to one, I haven't heard of anything like that before.

  26. It's in Sundance Resort in Utah. What's funny is that it's not even in the top 3 of Utah skiing resorts. We love skiing there!

  27. I think you’re on to a good idea. The same light that shines on the road could douse itself / the needed parts of the beam as a car comes into its field of illumination - like smart car headlights do with oncoming traffic.

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